The Tell Tale Pea – Monday Writing Essential – a re post

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Once upon a time

That’s how all fairy tales begin

There was a handsome prince

Can’t do away with him


Now he was caught in a cloudburst

Getting soaked right down to his skin

He saw a castle with a huge high door

Knocked on it ,crying, let me in


Well the King was in his Castle

Counting out his money

Seeing this poor drowned guy standing there

Said to his daughter, get him tea and honey


Well the daughter took one look at him

Her heart went pitter pat

She told her daddy on the sly

I want some of that


But daddy said, he’s not a Prince

He’s not a real great prize

She said daddy, but I think he’s great

He’s handsome with blue eyes


So daddy said, well we’ll do a test

To see if he really is a Prince

We’ll know quickly

This should be a cinch


He invited the lad to stay the night

His invitation,  gracefully accepted

He was  given a bed to sleep in

Not as soft as he expected


For the King, the dear old dad

Had put a pea beneath seven mats

The Princes’ Royal backside

Felt it and he yelled out , Ye Ghats


The Princess smiled a real wide grin

Said daddy do you see

He is a prince for sure

Can he marry me?


So like any dear old daddy would

The King gave his daughter her desire

Announced the wedding and wore a tux

With cummerbund, hiding his spare tire


The Princess and her Prince

Gave the King many an Heir

The Pea is in a museum

You can still see it there



This week’s challenge:Rewrite a fable or a fairy tale by giving it a new, perhaps modern, twist.

  • “And they lived happily ever after….” Uh-huh, sure. Now let’s hear what really happened.

  • I always wanted Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf to become a couple. Rumor has it they intended to elope and open a Starbucks in Amsterdam.  Tell us how that went.

  • Have you heard the news? The Fairy God-Mother Local 242 has voted to strike over their unfunded pension plan. Think of the repercussions.  Who is going to pay for the short-fall?

  • Why are wolves, foxes and hyenas cast as the bad guys? How ecological is that? Give them the credit where credit is due.***

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