The Tennessee Lottery is Making Money For The State

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The Tennessee lottery hasn’t been around all that long, about 7 years, but it’s making itself well known. You might think that because of the recession that people would not be buying lottery tickets. Wrong. The Tennessee Education Lottery is doing amazingly well, all things considered. The last physical year saw sales of $1.2 billion in scratch-off tickets, nightly drawings and mega-jackpot games. While other state lotteries are also growing and making money, Tennessee is growing faster.

Why is the Tennessee lottery growing so fast?

It is safe to assume that many people are hoping on hope. They may only have a few bucks to spend on cereal and milk. They figure if they spend $1 on a lottery ticket and win a big jackpot, they will be set for life. But what happens when they don’t win? Their kids may not eat that day, or the next day, or the next. Everyone has a dream, but you also need to live within your means. Remember to play responsibly. If you need that $1 for other things, don’t gamble it away. The lottery is not a sure thing; it’s a shot in the dark.

What is on the horizon for Tennessee lottery tickets?


You may find lottery tickets for sale in the future at stores such as Walmart and Target, according to the Tennessean. They will allow you to buy your tickets with a debit or credit card. In the future you may be playing lottery games on-line and that could be bad for the wallet. It seems like a lot of temptations will be there and if you aren’t careful you could wind up in worse financial trouble.

Lottery money is helping to fill the shortfall that states have been experiencing. But who fills the shortfall for those gamblers who blow their paycheck on scratch-off tickets? If you are a once-in-a-blue-moon Tennessee lottery ticket buyer, it only takes one ticket to win. Life’s a gamble, don’t blow it.

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