The Then and Now of Sandcastles

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Second photo essay on the 2008 Sandcastle Competition at Hampton Beach NH will show works in progress and finished

From the Sun

To the angry sun


Check out the skull on the right

It was used as model for the finished work called, "who am I?" Notice the top with moon on the right with darker images below and the sun on the left with brighter images.

A big snake or what?


Worm for main course fish meal.


Before you never would have guessed?

A little manicure and voila "people on the move!"

Intense concentration


Produces incredible results

Is he so hot he is sculpting a shower in sand?


Whoops! Someone jumped in ahead of him. Next!


Another you don't have a clue?


To a sand sculpture melting in the sun.

First prize winner in progress

First prize, the "Japanese Garden"

 I hope you enjoyed the before and after of sandcastles! Peace! Ken

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