The Tunnel People of Las Vegas

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According to the Dailymail, a whole community of people deemed the “tunnel people”  dwell under the city streets of Las Vegas. There are said to be approximately 1,000 people that have called these tunnels home. It seems as though these people have figured out a way to keep themselves off of the grid! Can you imagine? Underneath one of the most exciting cities in the U.S. lies a completely different atmosphere.

There are 200 miles of flooded tunnels for the inhabitants to seek residence in. A story in the Dailymail discussed Kathryn and Steven, a couple who reside in the tunnels. Steven stated, “Our bed came from a skip oustide an apartment complex. It’s mainly stuff people dump that we pick up. One man’s junk is another man’s gold. We get the stuff late at night so people don’t see us because it’s kind of embarrassing.”

Most of the people that live in these tunnels stay there because they have no other choice. With the American deficit reaching an all time high, thousands of Americans have lost their jobs and homes. There is a community project called Shine a Light, that helps the underground men and women. This foundation was founded by, Beneath the Neon author Matthew O’Brien. There are many services that this foundation provides, including water, clothes, food, and mental-health counseling. Shine a Light collaborates with HELP of Southern Nevada to provide all of these services. If you are interested in donating please visit this site.






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