The Turkey Testicle Festival—aka Your Daily Dose of Weird

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Turkey testicles are a food group that rank right up there with bull balls—as something that no one in their right mind would willingly want to put on their plate. But a pub in Huntley, Illinois has been challenging that thought with their annual Turkey Testicle Festival.

The bar and restaurant ordered up about 1200 of these not-so-appetizing delights from a turkey farm in Michigan—which they then breaded and deep fried to serve like buffalo wings to the hoards of hungry people who show up for the festival. It makes a person wonder how much beer is consumed before these testicle eaters take on a plateful of these things.

Wondering how this interesting concoction tastes? According to the bar owner, patrons have compared the taste to anything from deep fried mushrooms to chicken—which doesn’t sound too bad. Until the reality of what they’re eating creeps back into the consumer’s mind!

This event isn’t some newfangled idea to bring in customers: people have been attending the event since the 1980’s. Last year they saw over 4400 people visit to check out the festival. Obviously this pub is doing something right!

All that being said, the bar owners donate all proceeds to charity and with a $10 admission charge, these turkeys (and the patrons) really are giving to a good cause. Which explains why every one of those 1200 testicles were gobbled up this year!

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