The Turkish Dining Table: Recipes For Health and Happiness

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The Turkish Dining Table: Recipes For Health and Happiness

By: H. Guler Vural
ISBN #: 9781589804197
Rating: *****

Many of you have read my 4-part article about Turkish cuisine. If I had known about this book I would not have written the article but rather would have simply directed you to get, read & use this book! The photos are beautiful, the recipes  are easy to understand and the coverage of the cuisines of Turkey is truly exceptional. Take from one who has lived in Turkey that this book is full of the best of traditional as well as contemporary Turkish cooking and is so easy to follow. There is a resource guide in the back of this book for those who cannot find ingredients, etc. that can be used online. May I suggest that you locate, read & then buy this book for your collection?

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