The Twig of the Storm(FWE AWS)

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It appeared to be an ordinary twig but it wasn’t.  It came from miles away, from Jed Flatbush’s front porch.  How did it end up so far from home?  The same way so many people, places and things end up so far from home–by hurricane.

Katrina lined the streets with twigs and lumber that used to belong to the home-sweet homes of New Orleans.  The smell of mildew and dry rot was everywhere.  Unlike the folks who suffered and fled, a twig feels no pain nor does it hear the howling horror of 100-mph winds.  It just goes where it is pushed.

The particular twig I speak of landed in a field at storm’s end–and it was no ordinary field.  Unlike any other twig, this twig had a destiny.  You see, Sean Payton, head coach of the New Orleans Saints, stepped on that twig just before he called the winning play that won the Superbowl.   


For this prompt, I want you to tell about any memorable (good or bad) storms you’ve been caught in. If you’d rather, tell us about your favorite sport and whether you’ve played it, or just watched. Or, as usual, you can also write about whatever my experiences tonight reminded you of. :-)

Whatever you end up discussing, tell us your experiences using at least three of the five senses.


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