The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Won’t Be Rated R According to Summit

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Set to release November 18, 2010, Breaking Dawn has fans questioning the development of the movie, and if the movie accurately follows the storyline of the book: will it be rated ‘R’ to account for the sexual scenes portrayed in the book between main characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen? According to Summit, Breaking Dawn will not be rated ‘R.’ This may relieve fans under 17, who would have been restricted from viewing the movie in theaters, but what about fans of the book who expect the movie to accurately depict the physical relationship between Bella and Edward, which Stephanie Meyer described in explicit detail within the novel. Can there be a happy medium between the two?

The relationship between Bella and Edward is very much like young relationships today, and as the young couple begins to fall in love, the two embark on a more physical relationship than previously typical of Bella and Edward. Once Bella and Edward are married, they do go on a honeymoon, and the activities of the honeymoon are the same as those we would expect to happen in real life, in addition to some added violence due to the nature that Edward is a vampire. Additionally, the two are on a private island which allows for Bella to potentially be unclothed and go into the water unclothed. In order for the love to be realistic, fans do expect there to be kissing, they expect to see a wedding, and they expect the couple to make love while on the honeymoon. Whether the love-making is shown in the movie is a different matter.

Summit has considered the possibility of Breaking Dawn being rated ‘R,’ but according to sources today and Distribution Chief Richie Fay, the studio remains committed to its tried-and-true PG-13. He states, “I don’t see it ever becoming an R-rated movie, the middle road we have to travel is a mutual respect as to staying true to the book but not turning off your audience. It’s always with the eye of making Stephenie Meyer happy and making the audience happy.”  

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