The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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Alright so New Moon is out, seen it twice (so far) so it’s time to start talking about Eclipse, the next installment of the Twilight Saga. Eclipse in scheduled to be released June 30th, 2010 and will be returning all its veteran actors with the exception of Rachelle Lefevre whose character Victoria will now be played by Bryce Dallas Howard. We will also be seeing several new actors including Julia Jones who will play Leah Clearwater and BooBoo Stewart who will play her brother Seth Clearwater. The movie will be directed by David Slade.

The Eclipse book was one of my favorite in the Twilight Saga. In this book, Bella is reunited with Edward and has to decide whether to accept his marriage proposal. In exchage for marrying him, Edward is willing to turn Bella into a vampire..her much desired wish. At the same time she must also deal with her feelings for Jacob and his feelings for her and their delicate friendship. As if she doesn’t have enough going on Victoria returns to Forks with a slew of newborn vampires with a sole purpose of killing Bella as revenge for Edward killing her mate. If the movie follows the book closely, then Jacob fans will be excited to finally see him get his kiss with Bella and Edward fans should be excited to see a lot more of him than we did in New Moon. The story is full of love, heartbreak and adventure and should make into a very exciting movie.

Have you seen New Moon (and how many times)? Are you excited for the new movie? Which Twilight book was your favorite?


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