The UK Hates Victoria Beckham But Choose Her to Rep Their Country!

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Designer Victoria Beckham has been made an ambassador to VisitBritain’s “Great” campaign, “Fashion is Great”, but the British people don’t seem happy to hear it! The announcement was made at an event at New York’s Grand Central Station by the British ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott. Of course the story was in the British press, but with comments like “Says everything you need to know about the degradation of this country” and many more like it, was Mrs. Beckham the best choice?

VictoriabeckhamlvBeckham had an outstanding show last Sunday at the New York City Public Library for New York Fashion Week. Her show was hailed as one of the best and her collection of sharp, military style dresses and schoolgirl chic shifts will no doubt be all the rage in Hollywood this Fall. While the U.S. has fallen for Victoria, her oh-so-hot husband, David and four precious kids, what’s up with the British? Her collection is all handmade in the U.K. so it provides jobs and income to its citizens. Westmacott said “As one of Britain’s major fashion icons, Victoria Beckham‘s involvement with the Great campaign will bring even more attention to Britain’s world-renowned fashion designers, the magnificent range of shopping on offer and our distinctive British style.”

The Prime Minister even got in on the contribution fashion makes to the country. David Cameron said, “British fashion is a hugely important global industry and our designers have the talent, creativity and skills to rival anywhere in the world. Contributing over £20 billion to the British economy each year, our industry inspires. Fashion is a truly great British success story.” Who better than Victoria to represent that success to the people? Apparently, the British people think “anyone!”

One day after a gushing article about her New York show, the Daily Mail published an article bashing Victoria, “What Happened to Victoria Beckham‘s Face?” The article compares a photo of her in New York City to when she was a “chubby-cheeked teen”! One “expert” talked about how she now has the “sculpted ‘heroin chic’ look.” Even though he goes on to say most of the change is due to aging, he attacks again with saying that she is accelerating this process because she seems malnourished. The second expert talked about the effect her slim body and small diet have affected her body, which made sense and wasn’t rude. However, the comments again, are just incredible. It’s no wonder the Beckham’s moved to the United Sates! Hopefully, their children won’t be exposed to this odd dynamic from the U.K. They’ll just be followed 24/7 but hey, at least we like them!

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