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The egos of the politicos these days are beyond compare. On both sides of the aisle these severely personality disordered individuals who call themselves Democrat and Republican candidates don’t live in Washington, DC,  rather they appear to live in la la land.

What has become the norm in American politics, the swinging from party to party of power, should be a clear message to the party leadership. But these egomaniacal clowns don’t seem to hear what the voters are saying to them, therefore don’t respond, and therefore continue to get the boot.

The day after these now-the-norm swing elections politicos like Republican Governor Haley Barbour go on air with feigned gratitude that the voters have given their party a mandate and spew a litany of changes they plan to legislate citing that the voters have spoken. We Hear Ye! We hear ye! the newly elected leadership cries…and then here it comes as it did today from the Republicans this time: We will dismantle Obamacare, we will lower the deficit, we will give big tax cuts, we will la la la…

Well, la la la to Boehner and Barbour and the rest of the bloviating egomaniacs bellowing their bullsh*t. Forget the exit polls, forget the pundits. What the voters were pressing their little electronic buttons for and have three times in the last swing elections is to: Stop fighting, stop putting your parties before us, and fix the ailments of the middle class…la la la.

Now just as the politicos seem to have a problem hearing what the voters are saying, the voters are equally having a tough time communicating their concerns.

Soon to be Senator Rand Paul is pushing his litany about the unsustainable debt this morning. So, he crows like a blackbird how he’s going to look through all of government and find savings. So, what is he going to cut? What more damage are he and his other non-visionaries going to excise to make America’s middle-class more miserable?

We need to help small business and get the government out of the role of creating jobs, he says. Hm. Can Republicans force the banks (their financiers) to make loans to small businesses? Can the government cut American’s entitlements and be assured that American’s will continue to spend in order to keep the economy chugging as it is the middle class that keeps America’s economic engine running?

Today it was announced that homeownership is the lowest it has been in 10 years. What are the newly-elected Republicans going to do to help the unemployed now that they control the House? Make more deals with Wall Street?

You can bet that these morons are no different then the Dems that they are replacing. They come to their jobs with their ideological point of views, just as the Dems did in 2008, and the Republicans did before them. They may have changed their names, The Tea Party Movement, but their ideas are the same.

And like they’re predecessors they come with an abysmal lack of vision, and their litany of la la land denial and la la promises.

Well, la la la.

It used to be that Los Angeles was called La La Land. Now I fear the stupidity has spread throughout the entire US. America’s new name: The United La La Land of America.

By the way speaking of the place some say trends begin,  La La Land California voted to go back to their future by reelecting former Governor Jerry Brown to his old job of Governor of La La Land in the hope of recreating the go-go 80’s.

La la la, we’ll see how well that goes.

La la la la la.


Halli Casser-Jayne is the author of A YEAR IN MY PAJAMAS WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, The Politics of Strange Bedfellows. You can follow her musings on her blog, on Facebook @ Halli Casser-Jayne Author, and on Twitter @ HalliCJ.

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