‘The Vampire Diaries’ 03×07: ‘Ghost World’ Episode Recap

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There were quite a few familiar faces on tonight’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries, as several ghosts returned to Mystic Falls. Viewers have gotten used to seeing the spirit of Anna (Malese Jow) by now. Fans probably remember that Anna was Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)’s girlfriend during the show’s first season. And don’t forget that Anna was also a vampire.

Another ghost who reappeared in last week’s episode was Tyler (Michael Trevino)’s Uncle Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney). Until now viewers could only assume that Mason returned to Mystic Falls to get revenge on Damon (Ian Somerhalder) who tortured and killed him in pursuit of the moonstone in season two (specifically episode 02×06: “Plan B”). But Mason is actually back because he wants to help Tyler, who was turned into a hybrid and is being controlled by Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Mason tells Damon there’s a weapon in the cave below the Lockwood cellar that will kill Klaus.

But you’re probably wondering how the ghosts were walking around in the first place. According to Bonnie (Kat Graham)’s grandmother Sheila (Jasmine Guy) it happened when Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life. The magic was caused by the power in the necklace that Stefan (Paul Wesley) gave to Elena (Nina Dobrev). The only way to make the ghosts disappear is to destroy the necklace.

But Elena asks Bonnie and Caroline to wait to destroy the necklace because Lexie is back and she is helping Elena try to get through to Stefan. Later after Elena tells Anna to let go of Jeremy, she realizes that she can’t hold on to Stefan forever. She decides to let Stefan come back to her on his own.

The necklace goes missing and Caroline (Candice Accola) assumes that Anna took it. She’s right. Caroline did a great job standing up for Bonnie to Jeremy, and she also saves Mrs. Lockwood from the ghosts of the tomb vampires.

Eventually Bonnie and her grandmother cast a spell using the necklace and all the ghosts disappear. But the necklace is not destroyed. Only time will tell if it will play any part in future plans to defeat Klaus.

The weapon that Mason shows Damon turns out to be names of all the members of The Original Vampire family. Fans will have to wait for future episodes of The Vampire Diaries to find out how this information will help in the fight to defeat Klaus. Damon and Ric (Matt Davis) argue but their friendship gets back on track when he helps Damon out of the cave.

There was relationship drama all over the place in this episode; Jeremy realized that he still loves Anna. And Bonnie was understandably hurt and angry when she found out that Jeremy kissed her. Jeremy tries to explain but Bonnie doesn’t want to hear it. Elena struggles with her relationship with Stefan. He tries to use their relationship against her during the intervention. And he also torments her at school. But sadly there were no moments between Damon and Elena in this episode. Hopefully that will change next week. It was great to see old characters return even for just a little while. And the music this week featured a cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s World.”

Tune in to The CW next Thursday at 8pm/7c to learn more about the weapon in the cave.

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