‘The Vampire Diaries': 04×08: ‘We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street’ Episode Recap

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On tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) travel to New Orleans. They make the trip to find a witch who can cast a spell to break Elena (Nina Dobrev)’s sire bond to Damon.

At first Damon denies that Elena is sired to him, until he tells her to try to drink bagged blood again. When Elena became a vampire she couldn’t drink bagged blood. But when Damon tells her she can, she’s able to drink it. Damon realizes that Stefan was right. Elena is sired to him.

Stefan keeps telling Damon that he wants Elena to be free to make her own choice. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that she’s already made it! She chose Damon. And instead of living with her decision, Stefan thinks that breaking the bond will make her fall in love with him again.

Stefan doesn’t want to tell anyone about the bond. But Caroline (Candice Accola) wants to tell Tyler (Michael Trevino). Stefan reluctantly agrees even though Tyler has enough on his plate trying to free the last remaining hybrid Adrian from his bond to Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Tyler is challenged by a female wolf in the pack named Kim for a place as alpha. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) encourages him to put Kim in her place. He does but not before Kim and the rest of the hybrids kidnap Caroline. After Elena and Tyler rescue her, Caroline apologizes to Elena. The remaining hybrids submit to Tyler and he takes his place as alpha.

After they make up Elena asks Caroline not to tell Stefan that she slept with Damon. Caroline promises not to tell him. But she has a big mouth in this episode and almost lets it slip.

Tyler doesn’t know that Hayley’s freeing the hybrids for Shane. In exchange Shane promises Hayley that he would give her information about her biological parents. After Hayley tells Shane they have freed all twelve of the hybrids, he tells her parents are dead. But since Shane is into dark magic, he may try to convince her to let him use it to bring them back.

Tyler also tells Elena that the sire bond affects actions and not feelings. This is significant because it means that Elena’s feelings for Damon are real.

Caroline makes her disapproval of Damon and Elena’s relationship pretty plain when Elena invites the girls to the Salvatore house for a party while the boys are gone. Elena tells her friends that she slept with Damon. The girls aren’t pleased, but they’re even less pleased when Elena says she’s falling in love with Damon.

But this is good news for TVD fans that have been waiting for this news for four seasons! And of course Caroline picks that same moment to tell Elena about her bond to Damon.

There were some great Damon & Elena (Delena) scenes in this episode and it was also filled with flashbacks from Damon and Stefan’s days in Louisiana in 1942. From the flashbacks fans learned that Damon sired another female vampire named Charlotte. Charlotte was also bonded to Damon.

And Damon thought the only way to break the sire bond was to sacrifice twelve human souls. This was a lie, the witch only told Damon this because she needed him to make the sacrifices so she could access the dark magic.

The flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries are always interesting and informative. Viewers got a chance to see Stefan’s friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) again. They also learn that Stefan never knew that Lexi told Damon not to go with his brother to fight in WWII. Even though Damon wanted to be with his brother, he knew that it would be dangerous for Stefan if Damon came with him.

So he did the right thing, like he does most of the time and stayed behind. Damon wants everyone to think he’s a bad boy but he’s a better person than even he knows.

But Elena’s not the only one who’s the target of Caroline’s disapproval. She has plenty of judgment reserved for Bonnie (Kat Graham) as well. But you can’t exactly blame Caroline for that. After all, Bonnie’s practicing “expression” with Shane.

Expression is actually dark magic but Bonnie doesn’t know that. And fans don’t know that either until Damon and Stefan find the daughter of a witch that Damon knew in New Orleans in 1942.

Fans might recognize guest star Adina Porter from the HBO series True Blood. She plays Tara’s mother Lettie Mae. She tells Damon that a vampire is only bonded to her sire if she has feelings for him before the transformation. This explains why Elena is sired to Damon. She had feelings for Damon before she became a vampire. And now those feelings are magnified.

The witch tells Damon that the only way to break the sire bond is to tell Elena to stop caring about him and then leave her. Damon does this to Charlotte, and he says he will do it to Elena as well. But he can’t because he cares about her too much!

This was a great episode and it featured trailers for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (December 14th).

This episode also featured “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the first Twilight film.

Tune in to The CW next Thursday at 8pm/7c when everyone tries to defeat Klaus yet again.

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