‘The Vampire Diaries’ “Daddy Issues” Recap: The Werewolves Want Vengeance for Mason

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Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was “Daddy Issues.” Jonathan Gilbert is back in Mystic Falls, but is he there to help Elena? Meanwhile, Caroline has to deal with the consequences, when Jules takes Tyler under her wing.

What brings John back to town?

Tyler asks Caroline about Mason; Jules filled him in on the Salvatores. HeÂ’s upset, when he realizes she knew he was dead, all along.

Elena wants to know why John is there, but heÂ’s not saying. Jenna tries to kick him out, but he tells her heÂ’s ElenaÂ’s father. DamonÂ’s also upset heÂ’s back, but Stefan says John knows how to keep Elena safe. Damon is still acting like he didnÂ’t care about RoseÂ’s death.

Caroline tells Stefan Tyler knows everything and wants Stefan to reason with him.

Damon goes to ElenaÂ’s looking for John. Neither believes heÂ’s there to help. He says heÂ’s just going to talk to him, and Elena goes with him.

Brady is in town for vengeance, and Jules “wants the boy more.”

Stefan visits Tyler for a talk. The werewolf asks what happened to Mason.

Jeremy runs into John and offers his ring back. He doesn’t take it and walks away. Jeremy spots Bonnie and smiles.  Dr. Martin joins her and says they’re looking out for her. He says she can trust Elijah. Jeremy interrupts and pulls Bonnie away.

Alaric explains the John-Isobel-Alaric-Elena connection to Jenna at the Grill. John joins them, as Damon and Elena enter.

Stefan tells Tyler to trust Caroline and says they should all get along. Jules calls him, but Stefan grabs the phone. He says heÂ’s trying to save TylerÂ’s life.

John doesnÂ’t think he can trust Damon, and he tells him he and his brother are drinking vervain; they canÂ’t be compelled.

Matt finds Caroline and asks if they can talk after work. She agrees to swing by at closing. After he walks away, Jules joins her looking for Tyler. Jules sprays her, momentarily stunning her, then Brady shoots her in the head.

Brady and Jules have Caroline on Vampire Diaries

Poster: The Vampire DiariesCaroline wakes up in pain in a cage. Brady sits in front her; he has plenty of wooden bullets and all night to use them. He shoots her.

Stefan tells Tyler he has a life in Mystic Falls and so can he. Jules calls Stefan on CarolineÂ’s phone and tells him he made a mistake. She gives him proof they have Caroline by a scream. She wants a trade in 20 minutes or Caroline dies.

Andie offers to buy Damon a drink, but he turns her down. He tells Elena itÂ’s for the best for all women. Stefan calls Elena, and Damon canÂ’t believe they didnÂ’t tell him. Elena says to leave Tyler out of it. John interrupts wanting to know whatÂ’s going on. Damon tells him to keep Elena there and leaves.

Brady continues to torture Caroline. She asks why heÂ’s doing it and begs him to let her out. He steps outside and tells Jules heÂ’s just getting started. She wants to help Tyler, but heÂ’s all about the werewolf bond.

Stefan shows up with Tyler and says he’ll release him, when she lets Caroline go. Damon interrupts and says they can take her; it’s not a full moon. She whistles—she’s not alone and has more than Brady on her side. They release Tyler, and the wolves ask who killed Mason; they want Damon to suffer.

As they fight, Tyler finds Caroline in the cage, and she begs him to free her. He pauses before doing so. A werewolf stakes Stefan and Jules shoots Damon. When Caroline steps outside, Jules pins her to the trailer. Suddenly, the werewolves grab their heads in pain; itÂ’s Dr. Martin. He tells the vampires to go and Tyler to tell the werewolves to leave town.

How to kill an original

John visits Damon; he knows he and Stefan will protect Elena. He knows how to kill an Original: a dagger dipped in white oak tree ash in the heart.

Caroline’s tending to her wounds at home, when Matt calls. She says Bonnie needed her—as Bonnie is sitting in the Grill with Jeremy. Tyler checks on her and says he didn’t know they’d go after her. She says he just stood there, when his friends almost killed them. They’re no longer friends.

John tells Elena heÂ’s not there to fight and gives her her motherÂ’s (not Isobel) bracelet. He knows she has no reason to trust him and says he lost his brother when she lost her father. He swears to protect her and her family and leaves when Stefan stops by.

Stefan and Elena hug and she says she doesnÂ’t believe John. She asks about Caroline, and he asks for her help.

Tyler stops by the trailer and asks if it’s always like that. Brady says it’s only because they’re “in vampire country.” He tells them about the moonstone.

Stefan stops by Caroline’s with Elena and Bonnie. The girls are going to stay over and hug Caroline. Elena and Stefan mouth, “I love you,” before he leaves.

Damon and Andie share a bubble bath and he tells her about Elena. He says he kills people and compels her. She says love changes people and he tells her to distract him. He bites her.

John visits Katherine and says IsobelÂ’s busy. HeÂ’s working on getting her out of the tomb.

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