‘The Vampire Diaries’ “Homecoming” Sneak Peek: A Wake? (Video)

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Get excited The Vampire Diaries fans!

The mid-season finale, entitled “Homecoming,” airs tomorrow night, and it will definitely be a spectacular temporary finish to an already exciting season. From what we’ve already seen, Damon and Elena have a plan to combat Klaus – the super powerful hybrid who may either be just a lonely fellow with daddy issues or a psycho-maniac villain with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But then again, The Vampire Diaries is known for blurring that particular line, isn’t it?

Either way, Rolling Stone is very interested in the show since My Morning Jacket will perform in the next episode. Hey, this small town of Mystic Falls must have some major pull to get such a headliner band to play at homecoming! Or maybe Klaus compelled them to come. Or maybe he compelled us to watch! We’ll never know…

So as part of their coverage, Rolling Stone provided a short clip of the episode, which you can view below. Along with a bit of My Morning Jacket’s performance, you get to see Stefan and Tyler having a little chat about the party. The Lockwoods are known for throwing big bashes and Caroline is pretty jealous that Tyler – the – hybrid had stepped on her toes when it comes to party making.

But if you fans aren’t in suspense enough for the mid-season finale, Tyler’s admission that he is throwing the party on Klaus’ orders should get you on the edge of your seat. Oh and by the way, it’s not exactly a party…but a wake.

Uh oh. This cannot be good!

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