‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Spoilers: One Love Triangle ‘Gets Messy’

The Vampire Diaries season 3 has seen Tyler return from his trip away from Mystic Falls to break the sire bond, and he’s pretty sure he succeeded. However, they have to be careful around Klaus, and that means him pretending the bond still exists. Will jealousy get in the way of that?

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoilers

According to E! Online, Michael Trevino has said, “I think in these last two episodes, if not next week’s episode, we might see him take some action against Klaus and not follow his orders when it comes to Caroline.” Executive producer Julie Plec did say, “It gets messy.” Uh-oh, that’s something to be concerned about. After all, while you are worried about what could happen to Tyler if they kill Klaus because of the bloodlines, there’s also the fact that you have to worry what Klaus could do to Tyler if he finds out he could get in his way.

Tyler’s not happy at all about Klaus’ interest in Caroline, and it sounds like even though she reassured him in The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 20 that she loves him, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to just sit back and let the Original continue to try to woo her. If there are any more scenes like the dance, there’s going to be trouble.

They do have Alaric to worry about right now. He is an ultimate vampire hunter, he has the stake, and if he kills Klaus, Tyler dies as well. That means that Caroline’s stuck wanting Klaus gone, but at the same time, she can’t kill him because killing him would kill Tyler (and she’s not willing to make that sacrifice). Klaus did seem sure that she would one day find him to let him show her the world, but she’s perfectly happy with Tyler. Will Klaus do something to ruin their relationship once he finds out the sire bond is gone? Could this be going into the beginning of the end for Caroline and Tyler’s brief happiness?

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