‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Damon and Elena, Joseph Morgan, and Alaric’s Futures

The Vampire Diaries season 4 may not be coming to the CW until October this fall, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some teases out. TV Guide has some scoop from the ATX Television Festival panel this weekend.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

In addition to some teasers about relationships and family, executive producer Julie Plec also talked about what’s coming up for Joseph Morgan, Alaric, and Damon. Season 3 ended with Klaus in Tyler’s body, meaning Michael Trevino will be the one playing Klaus for a bit. But how long will that last? According to Plec, “I actually can’t say. We haven’t broken [down] the script yet, so it remains to be seen how long we’ll play Tyler as Klaus.” Plec had tweeted, “See you in a month in Atlanta! (spoiler alert),” to Morgan, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll be in The Vampire Diaries season 4 premiere. At least Morgan will be back in season 4, and for now, fans will just have to wait to see when he shows up. At least Trevino showed that he’s not going to be a bad Klaus in the interim with that scene in the season 3 finale. Still, it’s hard not to want Morgan back as soon as possible since he is Klaus and he’s why you want Klaus to stick around even though he terrorizes everyone.

Meanwhile, the season 3 finale also saw the end of Alaric, but it also saw Jeremy getting to say goodbye to him again because of that handy ability to see ghosts. It’s also because of that Plec has pointed out Matt Davis could return: “As long as Jeremy can see ghosts and Alaric is out there in the universe, then there’s a window there. The moment in the end of the finale when he shows up broke every rule in the book, but I didn’t care. For us it was more important for us to give Matt Davis and Alaric that last goodbye to say, ‘Yes, he was the bad guy for the last few episodes, but here he is in that Obi-Wan kind of way.'” Davis does have his own show on the CW next season, Cult, but that doesn’t mean he can’t stop by for a quick appearance in an episode or two. Perhaps they’ll come up with some problem they need his help with, and really, whether Davis is playing good Alaric, split-personality Alaric, or even ultimate hunter Alaric, he’s a good addition to the show, so it’s hard to complain—unless they completely ruin it with how they bring him back. It doesn’t seem likely that they will, and so for now, fans can just sit back and wait to see what happens.

Plec also talked about Damon’s future. While Elena chose Stefan before the car accident and subsequent transition into a vampire, it doesn’t mean that Damon’s going to be leaving town now like the Salvatores had decided. It does, however, mean that there’s the chance to explore a side of Damon that hasn’t been in a while. After seeing some of season 1 Damon, Plec did say, “This is a reminder that Damon is a character that started in a very dark place, but with a lot of love and emotion brewing under him. All of our characters, including his own brother, had to witness his evolution as a person and he has done some really extraordinarily sh—y things, but he has also done them in the name of love, pain, abandonment, self-preservation, survival and family. He’s going to keep evolving and Elena’s feelings for him are going to continue to evolve.” Ian Somerhalder is so good as Damon no matter what he’s like, and this just sounds like another reason for fans to be excited about season 4. Damon has certainly “evolved” since the beginning, and it’s going to be fun to see what happens for him next.

Plec’s words also give fans who want to see Damon and Elena together some hope, and there is the matter that Elena’s going to be remembering those times he compelled her once she becomes a vampire. Anything can happen before the season ends, and it does sound like there will be more of the love triangle drama. Elena’s now going to have all this information to go over. She had commented about things possibly being different if she had met Damon first. She did, and that’s bound to change things when she considers her feelings for both brothers. However, that also doesn’t change her feelings for Stefan. This is just going to be one more thing Elena has to deal with as she becomes a vampire and adjusts to how that changes things for her.

Finally, writer Jose Molina teased about the season in general, “We have the road map for next season and before we broke for vacation, I was staring and looking at everything we have planned and this stupid grin spread over my face. I was like, ‘They are going to s—.’ Already we have so many moments where people are going to freak.” The series is going into its fourth season and is still successful. With the way they ended the third season, they’ve set themselves up for a crazy season. It sounds like that’s exactly what fans should expect to see in the fall.

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