‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Damon’s Attitude, Helping Elena, and Conflict with Stefan

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When The Vampire Diaries season 4 premieres this week with “Growing Pains,” Elena will be transitioning after she made Stefan save Matt first. Of course, Damon doesn’t agree with Stefan’s decision and isn’t going to be quiet about that. What else is coming up from Damon?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens / The CWIan Somerhalder talked to TVGuide.com about Damon being like the old Damon and said that while “he tried everything… no one listened to him” and “it all went wrong.” So that’s that, and now if you liked how Damon used to be, you should like what’s coming up for him this season. What else would you expect from him after everything that has happened lately? He lost Alaric, Elena chose Stefan, Elena’s now a vampire thanks to his brother’s decision, and changing his attitude and everything didn’t do anything. He might as well go back to being how he used to be, and besides, you have to love how Damon was early in the show.

Also coming up in The Vampire Diaries season 4 is Elena needing both Damon and Stefan around to help her transition. It’s not going to be easy for her to become a vampire since that’s one thing she never wanted to happen, and Somerhalder teased, “I think Damon’s definitely key to her understanding a lot of what’s going on in the transition.” So while Elena may have chosen Stefan, Damon is still going to be very much around, which could complicate things. He went on to point out that Damon and Stefan have very different viewpoints on feeding. While Stefan’s “the altruistic, alternative method guy” who turns to animals, Damon’s “definitely more of the raw, instinctual” guy who knows that part of being a vampire could involve killing. Damon’s not fooling himself, and he knows what could happen if things get out of control.

Somerhalder suggests that Elena should take what she can from each Salvatore brother, add in some of her own ideas, and go with that. That may be Elena’s best bet. Elena has to figure out what works for her best, or something could go horribly, horribly wrong, and she could end up in a worse place than she was when she started. She’s now a vampire, and feeding is going to very much be part of her life. But how she goes about it and the amount of damage she causes is something she can control. How will what she decides impact her relationships with Damon and Stefan?

Finally, Somerhalder also addressed the matter of Stefan’s decision to save Matt first like Elena wanted, calling it “not the best decision”: “It really makes no sense to Damon… and he’s very angry about it.” It was just one more instance in which Matt survived—and he’s going to hopefully keep on living and make it to graduation, thanks to Elena. But considering Damon doesn’t care about Matt, of course he’s angry. While obviously Damon would’ve saved Elena and not cared about Matt, Stefan did what Elena wanted. Unfortunately, that’s leading to her becoming a vampire, but it’s not like it would’ve won Damon any points with Elena if he had saved her and Matt had died. There is the question of just how Damon will deal with that anger now that Elena’s a vampire and how Stefan’s decision will affect the brothers’ relationship over the course of the season, love triangle business aside.

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