‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Elena as a Vampire and Her Personality, Damon and Love

The Vampire Diaries season 4 is going to see Elena becoming a vampire, meaning things are changing in Mystic Falls. Then there’s Klaus in Tyler’s body to deal with, along with more trouble in town and whatever else comes up over the course of the season.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

E! Online talked to Julie Plec about what’s coming up for Elena as a vampire and more. While the series doesn’t stick strictly to the books it’s based on, Plec said, “We honestly do like to try and find our way back to fundamental tentpole moments in the book series because it feels like there’s a world of stories there and why not?” Elena was always going to become a vampire at some point. It was only a question of when. Going into its fourth season is as good a time as any, and it means that it opens them up to a whole other world to explore for Elena.

In fact, Plec did say this is like “starting a new story”: “It is a beginning for her and what was exciting about it is we knew we were going to do it and so everything we did all year long was leading up to this. …This is a girl who is trying desperately to hold onto a friendship that reminds her of when she was human.” This was where Elena was going to end up after everything she’s been through. It’s all setting up for The Vampire Diaries season 4, which will see “a nice intimate, intelligent, character-driven point of view and then grow from there.”

Elena is going to have to deal with the upcoming changes and what that means for her when she becomes a vampire. Plec did point to her compassion as “her gift and her Achilles heel.” As a vampire, those parts of her are going to be “amplified,” and Plec is hoping to see Elena now as “kind of a badass,” comparing it to “the birth of a supernatural heroine.” This is setting up for Elena to become quite the character for the show’s fourth season. It’s something to look forward to, especially if you’re a fan of hers in general and not just in it for the love triangle.

However, it’s also possible that there could be some negative effects of her transition and this amplification of certain qualities. For example, Plec specifically mentioned, “grief can do a lot to send somebody off their rocker a little bit.” Everyone’s dealing with more than their fair amount of grief in Mystic Falls. Elena keeps losing people in her life, and figuring out how to handle that while getting a handle on her emotions as a vampire does seem to be something that the others should keep an eye on.

Plec also talked about the love triangle a bit: “I think one of the things we wanted to do was give her last human choice and to make it powerful and for that choice to be born out of who she is in that moment as a human.” However, she chose Stefan when she was still human. That could change now that she’s a vampire and will remember every time Damon has compelled her. Her feelings as a human may not stay the same now that she’s a vampire, and that could have an effect not just on her relationship with Stefan, but “with everybody in her life” as well. It does allow them to add some new elements to the love triangle so it doesn’t get stale. After all, having three seasons with the back and forth is enough. However, now that Elena’s a vampire, there’s a lot more to take into consideration when looking at Elena’s relationship with the Salvatore brothers. Elena chose Stefan, and teasers about the upcoming season do seem to reveal that she’ll stick by that, at least in the beginning. Whatever happens there, she’s going to have enough to deal with as she becomes a vampire that the love triangle is just going to be another complication in her life that has been amplified.

Finally, Julie Plec addressed the fact that poor Damon hasn’t had anyone say “I love you” to him, “which was never deliberate.” It just never came up. She pointed out that brothers don’t go around saying the words, but they use their actions instead. However, while it wasn’t something they consciously decided on doing, it does sound like something they’re going to keep in mind, as Plec went on to say, “I think that when it is said it’s going to be really specific, deliberate, and very special.” Could Elena be the one to say those words to Damon for the first time on the series? It certainly seems that way, as Plec finished with, “there’s still that story [with Stefan] left to tell before those words can come out of her mouth.” So even though Elena’s with Stefan now, it really sounds like fans who want to see Damon and Elena together shouldn’t worry. Their time may very well come.

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