‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Elena’s Future as a Vampire

The Vampire Diaries season 3 ended with Elena dying and coming back. Thanks to the vampire blood in her (courtesy of Meredith), Elena’s about to become a vampire. So what does season 4 have in store for her?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, executive producer Julie Plec has revealed, “It will be a very emotional, very complicated first episode when the show returns, but Elena’s future is pretty set.” Yes, that’s right, Elena’s going to be a vampire, and that means things are going to be very different as she transitions and everyone around her has to get used to what’s happening. Elena’s mindset going into this very much depends on whether or not she knew as she was drowning that she had vampire blood in her. That wasn’t yet established, but it’s something that needs to be addressed in that first episode as it happens. That vampire blood in her—and whether or not she knew about it—could end up defining how the others view Meredith in season 4. While there has been speculation that they could turn to Bonnie to reverse this, that could end up happening towards the end of season 4 (if at all) or even in later seasons. For now, fans have to get ready to see both of Nina Dobrev’s characters as vampires in the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, there’s of course the issue of the love triangle in The Vampire Diaries season 4. According to Plec, “everything has changed. Not necessarily how she feels about the boys, but who she is. This may bring her closer than ever to Stefan, or it may give her a deeper bond with Damon [Ian Somerhalder]. Plus, she’ll start learning things, like how Damon compelled her to forget their first meeting. Those memories will come back, and it’ll add more fuel to the fire.” So while she chose Stefan (and is supposed to be with him at least for a bit), that doesn’t mean that will last. That could always change, and it really wouldn’t be surprising if by the season 4 finale, she’s either single again, has shared more kisses with Damon, or both. At least having Elena as a vampire should give a boost to the love triangle so that it doesn’t get boring and repetitive.

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