‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Graduation Means It’s Time to Make Some Decisions

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The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season is heading towards graduation at the end of the year. It only makes sense; there’s only so long that you can have vampires attending school. However, these characters are going to have some decisions to make as that time approaches.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

Executive producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly, “the writers and I are really focusing on that time in your life as your adolescence is coming to an end, that milestone of graduation, and you are making decisions: Do I leave home for good? Do I stay? Can I part with this town that’s been so important to me? Do I part with these people who have been so important to me? Am I going out into the world and starting a life and growing up? Or am I gonna hide here where I’m comfortable even if it’s not the best place for me? There’s a lot of great questions that come along with graduation that our characters — both human and supernatural — are gonna be asking themselves about who they are, who they’re supposed to be, and what they’re supposed to do with their life moving forward.”

Now that Elena’s a vampire, how will that change her plans for after high school? While there are quite a few vampires in the group, meaning growing older and time together isn’t really an issue, not everyone is immortal. Characters like Jeremy, Bonnie, and Matt are going to be getting older; will spending time with them before they die be something that the others factor into their decisions about whether to leave Mystic Falls behind or stay?

It seems like this is going to be a tough decision especially for Elena, and of course you have to wonder how that’s going to impact the Salvatore brothers. For now, she’s chosen Stefan, but that could always change as she adapts to being a vampire and figures out how she feels about remembering those times Damon compelled her. How will that affect where people plan on going after graduation? The brothers had originally decided that whichever one of them she didn’t choose would leave town; will that come back into play perhaps as graduation nears and Elena has adjusted to being a vampire in The Vampire Diaries season 4?

Then there’s the new threat coming to consider and how that will affect people’s decisions to leave. Could everyone leave Mystic Falls behind unprotected, or could that be just why someone decides to stay? Could Klaus’ decision about whether to stay or go be something that has to be taken into account? Even with new threats coming, they always have to keep an eye on Klaus and what he’s up to. What would all of this mean for a possible season 5? What would this mean for the cast?

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