‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: How Elena Reacts to Her Transition, Feeding

The Vampire Diaries season 4 is going to see Elena become a vampire, and she’s going to have her friends around her to help ease the transition for her. But what sort of vampire will she be?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, executive producer Julie Plec has said that Elena only briefly thinks about “not completing the transition”: “She recognizes she has a responsibility to her brother to stick around.” Of course Elena’s going to become a vampire, but it should be interesting to see that moment where she thinks about the choice she has. There was never a question about whether she would go through it or not, but that doesn’t mean she won’t consider it. Who will she talk to about it? Could it be Matt, whose life she saved by forcing Stefan to take him out of the truck first? Will it be one of the vampires in her life since they’ve been through it before? Caroline may be a good choice since she is her age and went through it recently.

There’s going to be yet another reason for a disagreement between the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries season 4 when it comes to how Elena should live as a vampire and how she’ll feed. According to Plec, “Damon’s point of view in all of this is that anything [Stefan’s] trying to do to avoid Elena being a real vampire is just a delusional delay of the inevitable. While he can understand and appreciate that Stefan wants to protect her, [he feels he’s] making a huge mistake because when all is said and done, [Damon thinks,] ‘Name one vampire who went through the newbie phase and didn’t take a life. Name me one vampire that didn’t go off the rails, name me one vampire who didn’t turn off their humanity for a while.’ …Stefan wants to protect her from that at all costs, and Damon is saying, ‘It’s going to happen.'” Really, if you look at it, you can understand it from both sides. Stefan has struggled with just that, and he knows that this is going to be something that will plague Elena’s conscience, but at the same time, everything is different now that Elena’s a vampire.

However, it does come down to Elena’s decision. This is up to her. She’s the only one who can decide how she wants to live as a vampire, and while she’ll no doubt be getting advice from Stefan and Damon, she can also talk to Caroline about it. Caroline’s perspective may be something Elena should consider when it comes to figuring out how she wants to feed. Plec did go on to point out that since “everything is heightened” when someone becomes a vampire—and that means Elena’s compassion will be—that “makes it very difficult to feed on a human being or an animal.” However, Plec also added, “it’s a whole new Elena that’s magnified in catastrophic ways.” Could Elena fight against feeding to the point where she snaps and kills someone? There is a death coming up; could that death be at Elena’s fangs?

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