‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Is What Damon and Elena Have Real?

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The Vampire Diaries season 4 has finally seen Elena and Damon hook up, but there’s a catch—she’s sired to him. So now there’s the question of whether that bond has anything to do with her strong feelings for him. Yes, Elena had feelings for Damon last season before she became a vampire, but would her feelings be as intense as they are this season if she wasn’t sired to him? Would she and Stefan still have broken up?

"My Brother's Keeper" Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CWZap2it talked to executive producer Julie Plec, who said that despite the sire bond and the problems that may mean, “there is more hope than ever for them.” But that doesn’t mean they’re not going to be questioning it: “He wants to believe it’s real. She truly believes it’s real. But there’s that nagging doubt, as to how much of it is true love and how much is the effects of a sire bond.” This is just another obstacle they’ll have to fa ce, and it is one that could mean the end of them before they’ve really begun. Yes, they’ve finally hooked up, but with Damon facing a heartbreaking decision in the next episode, what will that mean for their relationship? Stefan and Damon will be heading to New Orleans in search of answers after Stefan shares his and Caroline’s theory about the sire bond. Could what they learn there lead Damon to consider letting Elena go—at least temporarily—in case the sire bond is the reason why she’s with him? Will Damon and Elena ever get a chance at happiness without something getting in the way? Could Damon find an answer that will allow them to have that?

Meanwhile, the Salvatores’ deal for one of them to leave when Elena chose the other is pretty much out the window given everything else going on, but things are going to be complicated. Plec did say that Stefan and Damon both “try to take the high road” and that along with “trying…to do what’s right by each other and…by Elena actually launches the whole next chapter of the show.” After all, there is still the matter of the cure—and in his determination to find it, Stefan has turned to Jeremy and forced him to kill a vampire. However, the changes Jeremy’s now going through because he’s a hunter have not all been positive. Sure, he can lift heavy objects, but he also tried to kill his sister. The bad outweighs the good, and Elena has already told Stefan that she refuses to let her brother lose his humanity for the cure. But there is another vampire hunter coming to the series. And if they could actually find the cure and if they could get Bonnie’s help—though Shane clearly has his own agenda there—what would that mean for Elena? What would that mean for her feelings for Damon and Stefan?

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