‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino Tease What’s Next

The Vampire Diaries season 3 ended with Klaus in Tyler’s body after Bonnie’s spell. Klaus is obviously going to have time to enjoy himself and take advantage of the situation, but just what will he be up to and how long will he have in Tyler’s body?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino talked to Digital Spy (below) about what’s coming up. As Morgan puts it, “everything’s changed” and “nobody’s safe.” Anything could happen in the upcoming season, especially after the way they ended season 3: Elena’s a vampire, Klaus in Tyler’s body, and the future is uncertain for pretty much everyone.

It still has yet to be revealed just how long Klaus will be hanging out in Tyler’s body, but Morgan did say, “I’m excited to see how many more days off work I can get while he does my job for me.” While Trevino did do a good job in the finale, you can’t help but want to see Morgan back as soon as possible since he made the role of Klaus what it is. It’s because of him that you still want him around even though he is the villain and a threat to everyone’s life.

However, having Klaus in Tyler’s body is going to make for an entertaining beginning of The Vampire Diaries season 4, especially as they figure out how to handle Elena’s transition as she becomes a vampire. There’s not only seeing how Klaus reacts to that, there’s seeing what Klaus does in Tyler’s body concerning Caroline. Trevino has a theory and is likely right when he says that Klaus is “going to probably take full advantage of” the fact that he’s in Tyler’s body. He went on to suggest that Klaus could even do something bad that would anger Caroline to ruin their relationship or on the other hand, try to get a kiss. It’s easy to imagine Klaus doing either of those things, especially if he has a plan for when he gets out of Tyler’s body. Meanwhile, Morgan thinks “what would have the most dramatic effect” would be Caroline “finding out that it was Klaus while he’s still in Tyler’s body.” This is going to be a tough situation for Caroline no matter what happens.

But what will happen when Klaus is back in his body? When will that be? That is likely going to depend on Bonnie, whose spell is what led to all of this. Speaking of Bonnie, Morgan thinks she’s going to go dark and thinks it would be “more interesting” if Bonnie ended up on “Team Klaus.” If Bonnie does go dark, it’s still hard to imagine her teaming up with Klaus. It’s one thing to deal with him when her friends’ lives are at risk, but to choose him over the others just when picking sides? Her storyline is also one to watch in the fourth season this fall.

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