‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Julie Plec on Stefan’s Choice, Graduation, and a Threat

The Vampire Diaries season 4 is going to show what happens next now that Elena’s a vampire, Klaus is in Tyler’s body, and they have graduation coming up. Executive producer Julie Plec was part of the Comic-Con press room Gather.com was a part of and teased some of what’s coming up.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

First of all, Plec revealed some good news: “We pick up, if not right away, within several lapsed hours of where we left off early the next morning, and so everything we left hanging is still hanging and there’s been no off-camera resolution to any of it. So we’ll see all these things play out as we pick up: Elena realizing, ‘Oh my God, what’s up with me?,’ Damon and Stefan arguing over Stefan’s choice, Klaus-as-Tyler realizing that maybe his body didn’t burn after all as was planned and intended.” Basically, that first episode is guaranteed to be one full of drama, high emotions, and confrontations—a must-see for fans.

This may be a group where being human puts you in the minority, but they will all still be dealing with the fact that it’s their senior year. Part of that is figuring out who they are, who they will be, and where they’re heading. Will they stay in Mystic Falls? Those may be questions that humans ask themselves, but those are also questions that “parallel what Elena’s asking herself on a supernatural level.” Now that Elena doesn’t just have her one lifetime ahead of her, she’s going to have to figure out what she wants to do.

Speaking of Elena as a vampire, Stefan is now going to have to face his brother after he had to make that choice about who to save. Plec does say that while “Stefan thinks he screwed up, [he] didn’t.” Stefan helped Matt like Elena told him to, and that’s one of the big differences between the brothers. Damon would have left Matt down there. According to Plec, that’s “a point that Elena will make very, very quickly: ‘Yes, that’s why when I had a choice to make, in about who I wanted to be with, that helped inform the choice that I made. Knowing these things about Stefan versus Damon…Stefan respects me and my choices and me as an individual, and Damon loves me and I know that and who could avoid giving in to that, except he wouldn’t be the kind of guy that would save my friend.'”

Plec stressed that “there was no good outcome to that,” but that doesn’t stop Stefan from blaming himself. It’s up to Elena to change that and make him see it her way. Elena had chosen Stefan before she died, but that could always change since she will be remembering the times Damon compelled her. It’s going to make for an “interesting” conversation, as Nina Dobrev previewed at Comic-Con, and it’s just one more thing to pile onto the love triangle drama.

Finally, Plec also previewed a new threat coming to Mystic Falls while everyone’s trying to figure out their futures and whether they’ll stay or go: “With that comes a threat that’s going to be placed against the town in the form of something or somebody threatening that will eventually make an appearance and it’s all going to be a little bit about protecting the place that is a part of you even as you yourself are ready to move on from it.” There has been the news of Connor, the vampire hunter, coming to town who will be recurring. Is this the “threat” or is something much worse also coming to threaten the lives of these characters?

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