‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Nina Dobrev Talks Elena’s Transition, Katherine, and Klaus at Comic-Con

The Vampire Diaries cast and executive producer Julie Plec were at this weekend’s Comic-Con to preview the upcoming season, and in addition to a panel, they sat down with the press after to tease what’s coming up.

Nina Dobrev on Elena as a Vampire in Season 4

Nina Dobrev in the 2012 SDCC Vampire Diaries press room. ©Meredith JacobsGather.com was on hand in the press room to talk to Nina Dobrev about what season 4 will be like with Elena as a vampire, and she admitted she’s “actually kind of sad” because she “liked being both” human and vampire. She already got the chance to play a vampire every so often with Katherine, who is “gonna be pissed” to find out about Elena’s transition. Dobrev went on to say, “[Katherine] was hoping that the Salvatore brothers would get over Elena, her one lifetime, and then she’d be back on track with the boys, but now she’s screwed.” Katherine’s not planning to return to Mystic Falls anytime soon—she’s staying clear of Klaus—but you have to imagine that she’s bound to show up sooner or later.

Dobrev did say they’re “still figuring out” how Elena will be a vampire since they’ve only filmed for three days. She had to do the same with “[figuring] out who Elena was as a human and [she] had a lot of time to do that” when the series first began. Elena as a vampire is “definitely gonna be very different.” Of course she’s going to try to look out for her brother, but Jeremy “has grown up so much.” As Dobrev said, “He’s always going to be Elena’s little brother. …Your emotions are heightened, and your feelings and your characteristics are heightened as a vampire. One of her biggest characteristics was that she was compassionate and caring and selfless. …[As a vampire], she will never let anyone get hurt.”

Something that is not a secret on this show is that Elena never wanted to be a vampire, but The Vampire Diaries season 4 will see just that. That’s something that Elena is going to have to deal with, as Dobrev says she’ll miss “everything” about being human: “She didn’t want to be a vampire. I imagine she’ll be sad that she’ll never be able to have kids and she’ll never get married and have a normal life and just go to college. She’ll never have that ever again. That’s all she wanted. She was constantly trying to hold on to her humanity, and now it’s gone forever.”

When asked how her friends will react to the fact that Elena is now a vampire, Nina Dobrev told the table, “Caroline was accepted by the group as a vampire. I think everyone’s just going to be sad. They’ve just spent three seasons…all this time doing everything in their power to protect her and now, she’s a vampire. So I guess now she can protect herself.” It’s still going to be a tense situation, especially since some of them played a part in what happened.

When someone becomes a vampire, they remember the times they were compelled, meaning they will be addressing those times Damon compelled Elena. They have shot that conversation, and Dobrev described it as “interesting,” adding, “It’s in the first couple of episodes.” Elena did choose Stefan when season 3 ended, but that was before she drowned, died, and the transition began. What will happen after she remembers those times with Damon and the conversation that follows?

Finally, there’s the issue of Klaus. He may no longer be able to use her blood to make his hybrid army, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still a threat. Dobrev teased, “He’s always a threat. Klaus will always be a theat. He’s the biggest, baddest vampire. Or is he? …He’s definitely gonna be pissed off.”

What do you think of the latest about The Vampire Diaries season 4?

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