‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Paul Wesley Talks Stefan’s Guilt, Elena’s Choice

The Vampire Diaries season 4 will be premiering on the CW on October 11, and the cast and executive producer were at the 2012 Comic-Con to preview what’s coming up. Gather.com had the chance to talk to them in the press room to find out what to expect in season 4.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers from Comic-Con

Paul Wesley in the 2012 SDCC Vampire Diaries press room. ©Meredith JacobsIt’s no secret that Paul Wesley loves playing Ripper Stefan, and at Comic-Con, he did say, “I want him to stay the Ripper. …I’m hoping the guilt of what happened makes him hate himself [and] turn [back to] Ripper Stefan.” However, he admitted, “I don’t know if that’s going to happen because I feel like Stefan had his season 3 ride of darkness, and I think season 4 is going to be more of a gray zone, which is nice too.” Wesley has been so good as Ripper Stefan in the past, but considering what they’re going to be dealing with this season—Elena transitioning, the aftermath of Klaus-in-Tyler’s body, a new threat, and more—it may be best that they don’t have to worry about having Ripper Stefan around too.

Stefan is going to be dealing with the guilt of saving Matt first, and that’s something that Damon is not going to be happy about. According to Wesley, “Damon’s definitely sort of now walking around thinking, ‘Hey, if it were me, I would’ve done this.’ And he has valid reason to say—I mean, it makes sense. I think it’s important that the audience knows…I didn’t mean for her to die, I was just grabbing Matt first because that’s what she wanted. I was going to come get her.” It’s not as though Stefan knew Elena had vampire blood in her at the time—no one did—but now there are long-lasting consequences, and it just adds to the drama between the brothers, which should make for some pretty entertaining scenes in The Vampire Diaries season 4.

Before Elena died, she chose between the Salvatore brothers and chose Stefan. He doesn’t know that, and Wesley did comment on that: “Now that this happened, who knows if her choice is valid anymore? I think due to these circumstances and the fact that she now remembers everything, I think now her choices can be a bit skewed in a different direction, which means maybe Stefan will have a new romantic interest.” Is that even possible? After all this time, could they really just give Stefan a new love interest? Wesley thinks “there is a possibility because now that Elena and Damon have feelings for one another, I think it’s open.” While it doesn’t seem very likely that there could be a serious new love interest for Stefan, it is something to think about. That could change the dynamic of the series, but it seems much more likely for Damon to find someone new—even if just for a night—than for Stefan to move on. However, anything could happen now that Elena’s a vampire.

So what would Paul Wesley like to see in season 4? “I’d like Stefan to be unexpected, I’d like him to be spontaneous. …I don’t want him to be the predictable good guy, I want him to be the good guy who does noble things, but in a twisted way, and I think all great heroes in stories and films are always a bit flawed. I want him to be flawed.” The best characters always are.

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