‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Sex, Love, and Flashbacks

The Vampire Diaries season 4 premieres on October 11 on the CW, and things are going to be different when it does. Elena’s a vampire, the characters are entering their senior year, new characters are coming, and new friends will be made.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

TV Guide has a bunch of spoilers about the new season for all the characters. First off, “early in the season,” Elena will have “her ‘first hot vampire sex’ with either Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Matt or Elijah,” according to executive producer Julie Plec. Elena did choose Stefan before she died, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the one she has sex with, as Plec teased, “Elena saved Matt’s life, so he’s going to end up paying it forward in a very peculiar way.” Is that way going to be sleeping with Elena to help her adjust to being a vampire for some reason? Then there’s the fact that Elena is going to remember the times that Damon compelled her, and that conversation, which Nina Dobrev has called “interesting” and “in the first couple of episodes,” could lead to Elena and Damon sleeping together. If they wanted to go for shock value, having Elena and Klaus have sex would certainly do it. Then there’s Elijah and Elena, who do seem to have a connection of some sort. Their scenes are always so good, and it wouldn’t be as out there as Elena and Klaus if they hooked up.

Caroline will also be getting some romance in The Vampire Diaries season 4, as Michael Trevino has revealed, “Shirts are flying off in our first episode back.” There’s going to be a “big, spontaneous, explosion of joy with some kissing” when Caroline realizes Tyler’s alive. But is that going to be with Tyler? Remember, Klaus is in Tyler’s body, though it does seem likely that that situation will be remedied pretty early on (of course you want Joseph Morgan back and playing Klaus). That’s not all that’s coming up for Tyler, as apparently he’s going to be Damon’s “new daytime drinking buddy,” as Ian Somerhalder has teased, “Enemies will become allies.” Damon is going to need a replacement for Alaric, and considering everyone else in his life and how he’s going to feel after what happened to Elena, Tyler may be the only choice he has. That should make for some very entertaining scenes. It won’t be the same as the “full-on bromance,” as Somerhalder called it, that Damon and Alaric had, but it could still make for some fun moments on the series.

Someone else who could be getting some love is Jeremy, as there’s the possibility that he and April, one of the new characters coming to the show could hook up. They knew each other from when they were younger, and Steven R. McQueen has said, “It will be interesting to see where they go with that,” but did go on to say, “He and Bonnie still have some unfinished business.” Will there end up being another love triangle on the show, or could he and Bonnie get the closure they need before something even begins to happen with April? April is going to be grieving her father’s death, so that could give Jeremy and Bonnie the time they need to figure things out, and it is always possible that nothing happens with April.

Also coming up is “Stefan…driving a new motorcycle to show off his rebellious side.” Now how will that fit in with everything else going on? With Elena becoming a vampire, does she really need one of the vampires in her life to be all rebellious? Could that be something that leads to her having sex with someone other than Stefan? It’s still unclear just how that’s going to work out—the aftermath of her choice now that she’s a vampire. Stefan is going to be dealing with some anger from Damon over his choice to save Matt first like Elena wanted, so it’s not too surprising that he’s going to be doing something “rebellious” like this, though it’s not like driving a motorcycle is all that dangerous for a vampire.

Finally, there will be more flashbacks, and of course they’re going to be revealing more about one of the Originals. Episode 4 will go “back 900 years to shed further light on Rebekah, who’s looking for a new place to live.” It’s not like she’s going to have many jumping to help her with that, considering her role in what happened to Elena, but will someone end up helping her out? Could Elena show her some compassion? Could these flashbacks shed some light on Rebekah and she’s telling them to someone who will end up helping her? Whatever happens with that, it should be very interesting to see what happens when vampire Elena comes face-to-face with Rebekah for the first time.

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