‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: Someone from the Past, Bad News for Elena

The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season premieres on the CW on October 11, and there’s already been some teases out about what to expect as Elena becomes a vampire and the characters face graduation at the end of the school year. What’s the latest?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

Kat Graham revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, “You are going to see somebody from Bonnie’s — and from everyone else’s past — make a surprise appearance in one of the first couple of episodes.” Now that’s such a tease, and it will of course get fans guessing. Anything could happen on this show, especially since they deal with the supernatural, so this should be something fun to look forward to. Also coming up is “someone who is going to influence [Bonnie] greatly,” and previous spoilers did reveal that there will be a professor recurring, and this professor knows about the supernatural and Bonnie will be working closely with him.” It seems likely this character who will influence her is this professor.

Graham also teased that “Elena’s already in a transition into a vampire but you’ll also be able to see something even worse start to happen to her in the beginning” of The Vampire Diaries season 4. Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good, but what else would you expect? It’s not like they can make it easy for Elena to become a vampire, and this change is giving them the opportunity to explore a whole new side for not only the character but for the love triangle with the Salvatore brothers and her relationship with her friends as well. What will happen to Elena in addition to her transition? How will everyone around her deal with it? How will it affect them as they’re also dealing with a new threat in Mystic Falls?

What do you think of the latest The Vampire Diaries season 4 spoilers?

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