‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: What Happened Between Damon and Lexi?

Damon and Elena will be in New York City in this week’s The Vampire Diaries (and they’ll be joined by Rebekah), and season 4 episode 17, “Because the Night,” is going to reveal the past he shared with Lexi in the city in the ’70s. But what exactly happened between them?

"Because the Night" Photo: Annette Brown/The CWThe episode description only says they had “a complicated encounter,” but TVGuide.com talked to Ian Somerhalder to find out more about what to expect. “Considering that Damon was a major whore in the ’70s, there’s a possibility of any woman Damon is around, he’s going to try and seduce her. Whether he succeeds or not, he would definitely try,” he said. Whatever did or didn’t happen, so far it has been entertaining to see their relationship play out, and based on photos like the ones on the right and below, that should continue to be true in these ’70s flashbacks.

"Because the Night" Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Meanwhile, Elena does have a hidden agenda in this Vampire Diaries episode, and Somerhalder previewed that “Damon gets another side of Elena that really solidifies that he’s not a fan of her current state.” Elena without her humanity isn’t exactly someone they can control—as they learned, the sire bond doesn’t work since she has no feelings—but what is Elena up to now? Something has to happen in New York that leads to her going off with Rebekah to find the cure in episode 18, “American Gothic,” and Damon being worried about her state of mind.

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Photos: Annette Brown/The CW; Bob Mahoney/The CW

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