‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Daniel Gillies Opens Up About Elijah’s Decision to Leave Town

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The Vampire Diaries star Daniel Gillies recently spoke to TVGuide.com about all things Elijah. He talked about the why the Original has decided to leave town for a while and why his character has remained so popular with fans.

Fans of the show will remember that Elijah left Elena a sweet note apologizing for his actions at the end of the latest episode of the show, “All My Children.” If you need a refresher, check out the scene in the video below!

Gillies explains that although Elijah cares for his brothers and sisters and would do almost anything to protect them, his actions towards Elena were just too much for the usually moral and level-headed vampire to handle, so he split.

Daniel Gillies said, “Elena came quite close to peril and closer to peril than he ever thought she would and there’s a disgrace in that. He can be vicious and can be strategic, but he’s never reckless and this was one of the few times on the show we’ve seen him be absolutely reckless in order to get what he needed.” He went on to say, “Sure, it was his life and the life of his brothers and sister, but placing Elena in the position of being a hostage was probably something he would change if he could go back or at least make certain she wasn’t in true danger.”

When Daniel took on the role, he expected Elijah to only live two episodes or so, but his character has far surpassed that and has become one of the most popular characters on the show to date. He credits Elijah longevity to the excitement he brings. He said, “When Elijah shows his face you know things are going to happen. When he turns up he’s exposition and movement and the story is taking flight — or maybe fans just like his multiple haircuts.”

So will Elijah come back to Mystic Falls? That remains a secret, but hopefully he won’t be gone long! You can catch more of Daniel’s interview by visiting TVGuide.com and in the video clip below.

The Vampire Diaries returns from its month-long hiatus on March 15 on The CW. Who is your favorite Original? Share your thoughts below!

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