‘The Voice’ 2012 Top 8 Recap: Dez Duron Drives On

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On The Voice for 2012 during the top 8 performance show on Monday, all acts were metaphorically on their toes, letting their best vocals lead the way for the chance to continue on during this very ardent TV talent show.

One of those artists left standing was Dez Duron. This crooner, who champions Christina Aguilera’s team, decided to conquer a daring yet unexpected song: Justin Bieber’s “U Smile.” Talk about taking chances. However, those chances obviously paid off.

Duron, a former Yale student who walked away from the Ivy League college and a career as a quarterback much to the dismay of his dad, totally reinvented this juvenile hit. He made the song ring out as a sort of jazz/rock anthem mixed with a hook of pop. He really worked out with Xtina during rehearsals, switching things up and trying out fresh ideas, all of which was especially important to both of them since he is Aguilera’s last hope in this competition.

At the end of the process, what the pair came up with was nothing short of inspirational. Walking down lighted stairs with his jacket collar bent upwards for a little style statement while taking on his own Dez swagger, this dude was definitely in his element. He seemed to be singing straight to each person in the room, crooning to particular audience members as those audience members looked back at him in awe. As he sang, Duron had a chance to hop from one stage level to the other, at one point jumping down from a platform that held an orange grand piano. Then he was deep into the crowd, pressing hands with some of his adoring and very thrilled fans.

In the end, Dez Duron really brought it big time, his neck veins literally popping out of his skin as he topped off the final note of the pop hit. At that point, Cee Lo Green told this talent that he couldn’t believe Dez would ever do anything but sing. He said he wasn’t thrilled with the material he chose for this particular outing, but that he loves his work and that’s what matters. Adam Levine said that it was obvious that Dez found his groove. In fact, the Maroon 5 frontman told Dez that he applauds him for taking the chance to turn away from college to do what he wanted to do to express himself. Blake Shelton also admitted he is a big fan of this particular man. And then Christina Aguilera spoke up, saying to Duron that he “killed it, killed it, killed it.” She told Dez that he took Bieber’s tune and “revamped” it to “make it special.” Then she begged for votes for this particular singer, pleading that the masses do all they can to keep him in this competition.

So what do you think? Will The Voice continue with Dez Duron once the voting is over and the decisions are made as to who stays and who goes on from the top 8 of this very competitive TV talent show? What do you think? Please weigh in.

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