‘The Voice’ Battle Round Four Recap: Tough Choices

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“The Voice” finished off battle round four on Tuesday night with a bang. Christina Aguilera used her first steal to grab one of the vocalists from Team Adam. Blake Shelton took forever to decide who to send home, Laura Davis or Nicole Johnson. The coaches had hard decisions to make throughout battle round four.

Blake Shelton
Team Blake kicked off the night with a battle between two young artists, Liz Davis and Nicole Johnson. The duo performed Miranda Lampert’s “Baggage Claim.” At times both performers sounded very similar to each other. It was a good choice for a battle song. The winner of the battle, Liz Davis moves on to the battle round. None of the other coaches were willing to risk a steal on Nicole.

After round four, Team Blake consists of 11 vocalists: Terry McDermott, Gracia Harrison, Julio Cesar Castillo, Liz Davis, Kelly Crapa, Suzanna Choffel, Michaela Paige, Ryan Jirovec, Cassadee Pope, Ricky Parris and Collin McLaughlin. Julio Cesar Castillo stands the best chance of winning on this team. He has a certain appeal with the ladies that the other vocalists on Team Blake lack.

Christina Aguilera
Laura Vivas went up against the duet Beat Frequency. Christina chose the song “Poker Face” for this battle. Viewers got to see a brief clip of the battle where Christina Aguilera chooses Laura Vivas over Beat Frequency. Unfortunately, most of this battle did not air.

Team Christina leaves battle round four with 11 vocalists: De’borah, Devyn DeLoera, Adrianna Louise, Aquille, Marissa Ann, Dez Duron, Jordan Pruitt, Laura Vivas, Sylvia Yacoub and Celia Westbrook. She stole Alessandra Guercio from Team Adam.

The Knockout Round
Going to the “The Voice” knockout round from battle round four are Liz Davis from Team Blake and Laura Vivas from Team Christina.

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