‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Part 4 Recap: Coaches Are Tough

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CA2010PREIMRE“The Voice” blind auditions continued with part four on Monday night. It was hard for the contestants. Only one of the many duets made it through. Cupid, with his Cupid Shuffle, did not impress the judges. As the blind auditions continue, the coaches are getting tougher. Each coach has a specific sound they are looking for. Christina Aguilera was very picky—only gaining two team members.

Team Adam

Adam Levine added four team members. The first vocalist of the night was 17-year-old Melanie Martinez. Levine liked her unique sound and was really pleased with Martinez’s creative vision.

Brian Scartocci intrigued Adam Levine with his interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” High School student Alessandro Guercio showed the judges why she attends a school for performing arts. Fifteen-year-old Adanna Duru was the final artist to choose Team Adam.

Team Christina

Christina Aguilera was very picky about turning around. She added two artists to her team: Beat Frequency and Paulina.

Beat Frequency is a husband-and-wife duet. They were the only duo of the evening to catch the attention of the coaches. Paulina is another talented teen. She has plenty of exposure on YouTube who now wants to get a record deal.

Team Ceelo

Ceelo Green added three artists to his team. JR Aquino performed “Just the Way You Are” and piqued the interest of several coaches. Teenager Avery Wilson showed his amazing vocal talent singing “Without You.” Nicholas David was the final member to Team Ceelo.

Team Blake

Blake Sheldon did everything he could to get the vocalists to select him—even to pull out his male vocalist of the year award. Country girl Liz Davis was an obvious choice for Team Blake. She has been part of the Nashville music scene for a while and is a good fit for Sheldon’s team.

Fifteen-year-old Kelly Crapa from Connecticut loves country music and says artists like Blake Sheldon inspire her.

By the end of “The Voice” blind auditions on Monday night, Teams Adam and Christina had nine members. Teams Ceelo and Blake had seven members. This year, teams have 16 members. Blind auditions continue on Tuesday, September 18.

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