‘The Voice’ May 1, 2012: Who Left Team Cee Lo and Team Blake

The episode of The Voice that aired on May 1, 2012 was clearly a difficult one to watch. America stepped up with its votes and the judges scores were also revealed. Both Erin Willet and Jermaine Paul were left standing on Team Blake and the moment was a tense one when they took to the stage to learn which one of them would be leaving the building.

Carson Daly revealed coach Blake Shelton’s scores before America’s votes were factored in. Coach Blake awarded 50 points to each of them stating “I don’t want to be part of this decision-making process anymore.” He stated the only ego up on that stage was the one that belonged to show host Carson Daly. With the even split from coach Blake, and, America’s votes added in, Jermaine Paul was the clear winner with 123 points to Erin Willett’s 77. If you missed Willet’s heartbreaking moment, you can see it here in this NBC video clip.

The moment of truth arrived for Team Cee Lo’s Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms and the two aspiring artists took their final walk to the stage together. Coach Cee Lo’s scores were revealed first and this coach opted not to go with 50-50 split approach. Cee Lo awarded 40 points to Jamar and 60 points to Juliet and he needed a moment to defend his choice.

Cee Lo stated he wanted to be “honest, critical and fair.” He admitted he could have done the 50-50 thing because both Juliet and Jamar were incomparable throughout the competition. Cee went on, “Juliet’s performance last night was so obviously beautiful, striking and strong and Jamar…you have consistently been the frontrunner this entire time. America loves you sir. I love you.” Cee Lo explained he owed Rogers the creative license he desperately wanted for his Monday night performance but for him there was something sonically or technically in that performance that he couldn’t hear. Thus, the split vote.

Once America’s votes were tallied up with the judges scores, Juliet racked up 121 points to Jamar’s 79, so in the end, Cee Lo’s split decision still allowed America to have their way. Watch Jamar’s famous final scene here.

Despite that Erin Willett and Jamar Rogers left The Voice studios Tuesday night for good, there is no doubt America will be hearing from each of them again in the near future. Do you think America and the celebrity coaches made the right picks last night? Share your voice in the comments section below.


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