‘The Voice': Team Blake’s Jermain Paul Flies High During Final Performance

On last night’s episode of The Voice, the four remaining artists Tony Lucca, Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms had a final chance to win the hearts of America with one last solo performance. Powerhouse Jermaine Paul who has dazzled throughout this competition went with R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly. His mentor, Blake Shelton, looked thrilled with his rendition of the song where the talented vocalist managed to hit every note without wavering. When his performance came to its conclusion, Blake Shelton was on his feet.

Coach Christina Aguilera was the first to weigh in stating Paul got her to stand on her feet. “You sing with so much heart and so much emotion. That song was made for you and that’s what this show is about,” Aguilera stated. Cee Lo, who has long admired his man J.P., was as enthusiastic. He called the song the perfect choice for tonight’s event. Green also appreciated the staging and how he and Blake worked on his look. He called him strong and handsome. When it came for Adam to toss in a few comments, he had to think about it because the two coaches commenting first said some great things about him. Adam called Paul an incredible singer mentioning his casual way of performing. It was elegant and a brave choice for coach Levine.

Blake Shelton told Paul his heart was in his throat right now. He spoke about being speechless. He said he’s listened to that song many times before but didn’t think he ever really heard it until tonight. “My job on this show as a coach is is to be a coach,” began Blake, “but I continue to feel like I learn things from you Jermaine. If I could channel whatever it is you channel when you perform when I perform? I just don’t know how you do that. You got to teach me that one of these days.”

With a strong song selection for his final performance and his casual elegance and powerful delivery, Jermaine Paul proved he’s still a strong contender in this race. If you missed his performance last night, take a look at this NBC video clip for the J.P. recap.

Did you vote for your favorite yet? If so, which performer captured your heart? Share your thoughts on Jermaine Paul in the comments section below and don’t miss tonight’s episode of The Voice to see who takes home the top prize. whether Paul wins or not, it’s safe to say this artists will be flying high for a very long time.

PHOTO: Justin Lubin/NBC

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