‘The Walking Dead’ Post Mortem: Is the Governor Really Dead?

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The Walking Dead killed off a few major characters during the mid-season finale, but some fans aren’t willing to accept the death of one of them—they think that the Governor might still be alive.

It’s obvious that Hershel bit it during the prison siege since his headless body was shown, but the writers want fans to keep guessing about the fate of Lil’ Asskicker. According to Comicbook.com, the Governor’s death also has some viewers asking questions. A few conspiracy theorists pointed out that the Governor’s death wasn’t shown on camera. Rick beat him up; Michonne stabbed him in the chest; and Lilly appeared to finish him off by shooting him. However, viewers didn’t get to see where Lilly’s bullet landed.

It’s crazy to think that the Governor is still alive even if Lilly didn’t shoot him in the head. Michonne made sure to mortally wound him, and she likely left him to reanimate as a walker. Since he was as good as dead, Lilly might have decided to shoot him in the head out of mercy. It’s also possible that she didn’t want to turn him into a monster like the one that killed her daughter, or perhaps she just wanted to shoot him because she was angry after learning the truth about what kind of man he really was.

The Governor was shown alongside Hershel on the Talking Dead In Memoriam reel, where Lil’ Asskicker actually didn’t make an appearance. So while there’s still hope for baby Judith, the Governor is definitely deceased. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, David Morrissey even confirmed that he got the dreaded “death call.” “I did get the death call [from Scott] and it’s always a sad one,” he said. “I knew the Governor wasn’t someone who was going to be in it forever. I was very sad because I loved being in the show and working with everybody. Then the double whammy of also being the person who brings Scott Wilson’s participation to an end was really heavy.”

David Morrissey also seemed to confirm that Lilly shot the Governor in the head. “I was very happy that the person who ended his life was Lilly and not Michonne,” he said. “Michonne condemned him into being a zombie and was very happy to leave him in that horrible place, whereas Lilly was not happy to leave him in that place. She knew that in order to give him freedom, it has to be killing his brain, and that’s debatable if that’s a compassionate act on her part. But I would like to believe it was.”

Instead of clinging to the one-eyed villain, fans of The Walking Dead should be embracing the exciting idea of a new baddie. In fact, there’s the potential for numerous villains to emerge now that the prison group has been split up (Tyreese better watch his back if he’s with Lizzie and her gang of kindergarten killers). Fans of the comic book know that there are some deliciously devious characters for the show to introduce, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a bad guy who isn’t in the comic book? Fans would have no idea what to expect.

So are you glad that the Governor is gone, and do you want a new villain to emerge during the second half of this season?

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