‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Episode 9 Sneak Peek: The People of Woodbury Have Spoken

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The Walking Dead may not be back until February 10, but AMC has already released a sneak peek from season 3 episode 9 “The Suicide King” that shows that things will be picking up pretty much right after the midseason finale ended.

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 “The Suicide King” Clip

The Walking Dead season 3 episode 8 "Made to Suffer" Photo credit: Tina Rowden/AMCThe midseason finale showed the Governor throwing Merle forward as a traitor after Michonne, whom Merle had said was dead, killed Penny and stabbed him in the eye, but Merle’s not the only one who’s facing the people of Woodbury. No, the town is also deciding the fate of Daryl, who didn’t escape with Rick, Maggie, and Glenn. The Dixon brothers are finally reunited, but this isn’t a happy reunion. Both of their lives are on the line. So what happens next?

In the Walking Dead season 3 episode 9 sneak peek from “The Suicide King” (below), the people of Woodbury are still shouting out their feelings in regards to what should happen to Daryl and Merle. Andrea has snapped out of her shock and tries to appeal to the Governor, who says, “It’s not up to me anymore. The people have spoken.” But the promo already shows that at least Daryl escapes and hints that Merle does as well, and Andrea does seem to stay with the Governor and his people after this scene, at least to begin with. But will that change once she gets to the prison?

What do you think of the Walking Dead season 3 episode 9 clip from “The Suicide King”?

Photo: Tina Rowden/AMC

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