‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Weekend: AMC Airs Promo

AMC will be airing a The Walking Dead season 3 preview weekend in July, which will feature every episode so far, behind-the-scenes interviews, a special Talking Dead, and the pilot in black and white.

Walking Dead Season 3 Preview

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCOn July 7 and 8, Walking Dead will be taking over AMC as a way for fans, both old and new, to get caught up, rewatch, and even tune in for the first time, in preparation for the new season airing in October. AMC’s other series, Mad Men and The Killing, will have wrapped up their seasons, and Breaking Bad doesn’t return until the following week, so what better way to spend your night (and with this being the week before Comic-Con, what better time for AMC to show this) on the 8th than looking forward to the new season?

The promo for The Walking Dead season 3 preview weekend (below) shows some memorable moments from the series so far, along with clips of the cast on location. They’re getting ready for season 3, and part of this marathon will include the cast talking about what’s coming up. Of course, it includes another look at that prison shot and Michonne with her walkers from the season 2 finale, both which everyone has been looking forward to seeing more of in the third season.

The Talking Dead that will air on the 8th at 9PM will feature a first look at season 3, and how can you not be excited about that? Finally, there’s the premiere of the pilot in black and white. It’s slated to be a fun weekend for fans of the television series and the comics.

Will you be tuning in for The Walking Dead season 3 preview weekend?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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