‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: A Fighting Force, Loyalty, and ‘Shocking Deaths’ (Video)

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC next month with its third season, which is going to see the survivors move to the prison and encounter the Governor. There’s a lot coming up, and AMC has released a new video showing the cast previewing what to expect.

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMCIn the new video (below), amidst clips from the new season, the cast teases what’s coming up for their characters. According to Andrew Lincoln, “The energy of the opening episode certainly sets the tone. We hit the ground running.” When season 2 ended, the group was “in a very desperate broken place,” as Lincoln explains, but it is going to get better. In fact, Sarah Wayne Callies previews that the group has “come together…in a ways that apparently were impossible with Shane around. Is that really surprising to anyone considering how Shane was acting last season? The group is going to be quite the fighting force this season, and they’re going to have to be to fight their way into the prison.

Melissa McBride teases “some new locations, very compelling new characters, shocking deaths, and hordes of zombies” in The Walking Dead season 3. The group already dealt with that horde at the farm, and another one is coming their way at the prison. They lost people back at the farm; will they lose anyone as they fight their way into the prison, or will the “shocking deaths” come later? Other teases from the video interview for the group includes Norman Reedus teasing “people vs. people” this season, more problems for Rick and Lori’s relationship, Daryl as Rick’s right-hand man and a team player, more T-Dog (finally!), and Maggie and Glenn as “a two-pronged weapon.”

Meanwhile, there’s also Woodbury coming up, and David Morrissey explains that the Governor wants to keep it “an oasis in this madness.” Andrea and Michonne will be spending time in Woodbury, and you should expect a much more independent Andrea. Meanwhile, Michonne has recreated herself based on what has happened. She’s a warrior, and she’s certainly a character to keep an eye on, especially after that introduction in the season 2 finale. Michael Rooker teases that “Merle is a very loyal guy, and this season he has a purpose.” Whatever Merle’s up to, it’s going to be good to see him back and see what that means for everyone, whether they’re part of the group at the prison or in Woodbury. Finally, the video offers a look at what appears to happen when the Governor finds those men in the helicopter that goes down as teased in the Comic-Con trailer. Oh, season 3 is going to be good.

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Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

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