‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: Changes in Carl, Merle’s Return, and the Inevitable

The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere on AMC this fall, and the survivors will be facing more action, new dangers, and one character’s return in the new episodes.

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCThe series is going to get even darker in season 3 with what’s coming up, and while Robert Kirkman did say, “There will definitely need to be tweaks to certain things,” he also told TV Guide, “I don’t think those limitations dictate that we can’t tell the exact same stories as the comic book. It just means we have to tell them in a different way.” With the Governor and Michonne in the third season, anything could happen now for the survivors. Just because something happened in the comics doesn’t mean that it will happen the same way in the television series. That means there are likely still some surprises along the way, even for fans of the comics. Part of that may include how they can tell certain stories and still show them on television.

The Walking Dead season 3 will also see the survivors moving to the prison, as teased at the end of the second season, and Glen Mazzara did tease, “The prison is not as safe as our group or the audience may want it to be. There is still a lot of danger always lurking within the prison and beyond the prison walls.” There is no longer safety for these survivors. Anything could lie within the walls of the prison or in the future while they’re holed up there. The group is going to want to believe they’ve found somewhere safe for the time being after losing the farm, but they have to face the reality that that doesn’t exist anymore. Too much has happened and there is too much still to come.

What about the group dynamic after Rick declaring there was no longer a democracy? Mazzara teased “a lot of emotional baggage” and surprising “group dynamics,” and part of that is going to be Carl’s role in the group. He has been growing up faster than he should have to because of the world they live in now, and that’s going to continue in season 3. Mazzara said he’s “on a character path in which he becomes as instrumental to the group as Rick or Daryl or anyone else.” Rick and Lori will not only have to deal with that, but with the aftermath of Rick killing Shane as well. Then there’s her pregnancy to consider too, and that could all make for a tension-filled, dramatic season for their relationship. How will the rest of the group react to what’s going on in that family? How will they treat Carl when it comes to killing walkers?

Season 3 will be introducing Woodbury and reintroducing Merle to the series. Mazzara said that their “Woodbury will be very recognizable to the fans of the comics, ” though they will “make it [their] own.”

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCThen there’s Merle’s return. Photos that have been released of him and the Governor hint that they could be in the same place, but all Mazzara said is, “No matter who Merle is with, he’s always his own man. Michael Rooker is doing a great job of keeping this character our X factor. Merle’s missing hand is his reminder of what Rick and his crew did to him. That’s not something he’ll ever forget.” You always had a feeling that when Merle returns, the group—especially certain members, like T-Dog—is going to have to be worried. Yes, it will be good to have him back—not as a hallucination—and to see the brothers reunite, but Merle is likely a threat. Whether he is or isn’t with the Governor, that will always be true. He’s not someone they can trust.

Finally, there’s the matter of the inevitable. They’re going to be turning into zombies no matter what, and that will lead to different reactions depending on the person. According to Mazzara, “Some are reckless. Some feel life is even more precious.” Is this going to be something they keep to themselves, or will they reveal it to those they come across—like, perhaps, Merle, who was once with their group even if he isn’t in the future?

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Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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