‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: Daryl Is ‘in the Middle’

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The Walking Dead season 3 ended its midseason finale with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Merle (Michael Rooker) in quite the unfortunate position. The Dixon brothers have finally come face to face, but it’s amidst the Governor and Woodbury calling for their deaths. Will they escape?

'The Walking Dead' season 3 episode 6 "Hounded" Photo: Blake Tyers/AMCNorman Reedus talked to MTV News about the brothers and what’s coming up, and he previewed, “It doesn’t look good for Daryl right now. I can’t really say, although there were some spoilers [that leaked out]. There are a lot of toes being stepped on in both camps. My brother [Merle] is back and pissed off at everybody. … [Merle’s] pissed off everybody, so a lot of people want to hurt him, there are a lot of people he wants to hurt, and I’m kind of in the middle of both.” One of the big questions has been which side Daryl would choose if it came down to it—the prison group or Merle. Well, that choice has almost been taken from his hands since it doesn’t look like Merle has a choice. If he stays in Woodbury, it means certain death considering he lied to the Governor about Michonne, who stabbed him in the eye.

The Walking Dead season 3 preview AMC has released (below) teases that Daryl does escape, and it does look like Merle does too—if Glenn’s reaction is anything to go by. Glenn has every reason to be mad at Merle after what he did to him in Woodbury, and that’s bound to put Daryl in a tricky place as well. Michonne also has a history with Merle, and that’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if Glenn saying, “You and I could end this tonight,” in the promo has something to do with Merle being in the prison. Even if Merle does escape and really has no choice in what to do next—it’ll pretty much be join the prison group or at least go back to the prison, even if that means being locked up in a cell alone, or be out there on his own, trying to avoid the Governor. Could Merle end up being part of the prison group, despite everything?

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Photo: Blake Tyers/AMC

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