‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: Maggie and Glenn’s Relationship

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The Walking Dead will be back on AMC for its third season in the fall, and while the second season didn’t end happily for anyone, at least Maggie and Glenn had each other. Will that continue to be the case in season 3?

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/AMCThough things got off to a shaky start for them, in the end, even Hershel approved of Glenn’s relationship with his daughter. Their relationship may have included sex in a pharmacy, but they ended the season one of the stronger, more stable (and in love) couples of the show. So what’s to come for them in Walking Dead season 3?

According to TV Guide, showrunner Glen Mazzara has said, “Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is incredibly important to the world of The Walking Dead. It is a ray of hope. Love was new territory for Glenn last season and it threw him for a loop. We’re excited to see him back to the resourceful, wily, go-getter of the first season.” Since it seems like Glenn and Maggie will be more settled, that should mean that he’s no longer at all distracted because of it. As photos released from the third season show, Maggie’s going to become quite the walker killer as well, able to easily handle her own against prison walkers. With this move to the mysterious prison where anything could happen, they’re going to need all the resources they can get, especially since they have lost people from their group.

With the possibility (and likelihood) of more people dying in the third season, Maggie and Glenn need to enjoy the time they do have together—if they can. Storylines are deviating from those in the comics, so anything could happen to them along the course of the show. You just have to hope that they make it through what’s coming because everyone needs some happiness in their lives, especially when fighting off walkers to survive, and Maggie and Glenn are just that for one another.

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Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/AMC

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