‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Spoilers: Walkers Are Everywhere, Comic-Con, the Prison, and Michonne

The Walking Dead season 3 will be on AMC this fall, but fans don’t have to wait until then to get a preview of what’s coming. That was what the special Talking Dead as part of AMC’s preview weekend was all about.

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCChris Hardwick once again hosted Talking Dead. Glen Mazzara explained that the Ricktatorship is Rick “whipping that group into shape.” They don’t have a safe haven anymore, so everything has changed. But is there a breaking point to that? All Mazzara said was, “That’s something that you’re going to have to see this season.” Rick is going to have to figure out how far he can push people. How far will that go? Part of the new group dynamic will include Daryl as the new number two.

Greg Nicotero previewed something really cool (and worth checking out) coming to San Diego Comic-Con this year for the AMC drama’s booth. They’re going to recreate the Michonne scene with her pets, only those who visit the booth will play the second walker. Speaking of Michonne, Gale Anne Hurd said of Danai Gurira in the role, “She’s really impressive and she brings the character to life.”

After that, they showed Hardwick talking to Laurie Holden on set of The Walking Dead season 3. Talking about Michonne, she said, “She saved my life. She’s awesome. She’s sexy. She’s a badass…. I think we’re going to take some zombie names.” Holden also talked about the Governor, saying, “I think that people are going to be blown away,” and calling David Morrissey a perfect Governor.

Mazzara also spoke about the Governor, calling him “a guy who believes that this zombie apocalypse is all about him” and “he thinks he’s the Messiah.” He wants to be the guy people talk about in the future when they talk about this apocalypse. The Governor runs Woodbury, which seems normal at first. However, as Hurd puts it, “you’ll find there’s something rotten” there if you look closely.

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, called in and teased, “He’s growing up. He’s definitely not a kid anymore. …He’s more of a soldier, more part of the group.” Carl is not staying in the house anymore. Speaking of soldiers, Mazzara did say, there are “more walkers than people” now. “There’s no safe place. …They’re everywhere.” Speaking of walkers, prop master John Sanders previewed some “big weapons” coming in season 3, including a machine gun.

David Alpert teased a bit about what’s coming up in season 3, including, “We’re going to kill so many people.” That includes walkers, people, cast members, and “people that you care and love.” Also coming in season 3 is Merle’s return, and all Alpert said about that is, “You can never know what to expect from Merle. …There’ll be a little bit of [anger and racism], but there’ll also be more.”

One question that viewers had in season 2 was whether or not Randall was part of the Governor’s group. Alpert wouldn’t answer it directly, but admitted there was reason to suspect that to be the case. So will they reveal in season 3 that was the case? It wouldn’t be surprising if they did, but then again, in the world they live on now, there are likely multiple groups out there like that, so they could go either way.

Steven Yeun gave Hardwick a tour of the prison, and it looks awesome. It’s very detailed, and Kirkman called it “a sign of hope.” It’s something that could help them survive, but it’s not what they expected it to be. What keeps prisoners inside a prison is what the survivors are hoping will protect them.

Finally, they showed a sneak peek from season 3 of Michonne beheading three walkers with her katana sword before picking up aspirin. It’s just as awesome as you’re expecting and makes you want to see more of Michonne.

What do you think of the latest The Walking Dead season 3 preview?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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