‘The Walking Dead’ ‘Seed’ Recap: Taking the Prison Gets Bloody

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The Walking Dead season 3 premieres with “Seed.” It begins with the survivors clearing out a house of walkers (and yes, Carl is now someone who goes in to clear a place instead of someone they keep an eye on at all times). However, they don’t stay for long because there are walkers approaching. By the time they’re close enough, the group is driving away.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCOnce they stop, Rick puts Carl on point while the others go over the map. They can’t risk being surrounded and they need to find some place to hole up. Lori can’t keep moving around. When Rick and Daryl go hunting, they come across the prison, but it’s not going to be that easy to get inside. First, they have to clear out the field of walkers, with Carl, Hershel, Daryl, and Carol in towers, Beth, Glenn, Maggie, and T-Dog along the fence, and Lori out of harm’s way. Rick runs across the field to close the far gate to limit the walkers, and soon enough, the field is theirs.

The group sets up camp while Rick walks the fence to check for compromised positions. Beth thinks it will be a good place for Lori to have the baby. Meanwhile, Carol brings Daryl food and comments Rick got them further than she thought he would. Shane couldn’t have done that. She may have become a decent shot, but she’s still getting used to handling a gun, and that means the soreness that comes with the kickback of the rifle. After he takes a look at it and she teases him the area’s romantic, they rejoin the others. Hershel asks Beth to sing for him, and she reluctantly agrees, with Maggie joining her in “Parting Glass.” Then Rick brings the news that they’re going to take the prison the next day. It has supplies—weapons, food, and medicine—and there’s an infirmary. They’re going in, hand-to-hand. Lori follows him away from the group and says she appreciates everything they’re doing, but she suggests they enjoy their victory for a few days. She knows he’s doing his best, but the baby’s coming. They need to talk. He’s not exactly receptive.

In a small town, Michonne kills three walkers with her sword in a store before grabbing aspirin off the floor. Back at the prison, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Maggie head for the prison as a group, taking out walkers along the way while the others lure walkers to the fence to kill them. Rick closes a group of walkers into a yard, and it’s Maggie who lifts a protective mask off the face of a guard walker and kills it, spurring the others to do the same. Once it’s clear outside, they head inside, where Rick takes keys off a dead guard before they clear out and secure a cellblock. That’s when the others come in to “home, sweet home” (for now) and settle in to cells (though Daryl refuses).

Michonne spies walkers around town and goes into a store, where her pets are chained up and Andrea’s curled up, sick. She gives her the aspirin and tells her it’s “quiet” out there. Andrea knows she’s lying. Michonne says they should go in a few days, and Andrea tells her to go; she’ll hold her back. Andrea can take care of herself; she says she saved Michonne all winter. Then she starts coughing and obviously needs someone to be watching out for her at the moment. They set out into the woods, Michonne in the front and Andrea following her pets.

While Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, and Hershel are going over weapons, Carol calls Hershel away. Lori’s worried she lost the baby because she hasn’t felt it move. She wonders if the baby’s dead inside her and will rip her apart, and though he tries to reassure her, she’s also worried she’ll die in childbirth and come back and attack—the baby, them, anyone. If she and the baby are walkers, she wants them put down immediately. Would it have been better if she never made it off the farm?

Rick leaves Carl behind to handle things in the cellblock while he, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, and T-Dog head further into the prison to see what they’re dealing with. They retreat when they run into walkers, but Maggie and Glenn get separated from the others. When they go back, Hershel gets separated next, and a walker presumed dead grabs him and bites his leg. The others all come to his rescue, with Maggie and Glenn rejoining them, and they make their way into the cafeteria, locking themselves in. To keep him alive, Rick cuts off Hershel’s leg. Daryl notices something in the pantry and aims his crossbow at the prisoners standing there.

The Walking Dead season 3 got off to an outstanding start, and it’s easy to see why this could be the best season yet. There was plenty of action, a couple sweet moments (such as Glenn and Maggie checking for scratches), and a perfect cliffhanger ending. This is going to be a must-see season and one you’ll want to watch live and not relegate to your DVRs.

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 3 premiere “Seed”?

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