‘The Watch’ and ‘Step Up Revolution’ Fail at the Box Office

This past weekend proved a box office disappointment. New films—The Watch and Step Up Revolution flopped big time. Even The Dark Knight Rises performed expectations. However, it remained at the top of the heap.

Neighborhood Watch got its new name, replacing “neighborhood” with “the” because of the Trayvon Martin scandal, which was a good move on the part of film producers. An even better move might have been not to make the movie at all. It was ill-timed to say the least.

As for Step Up Revolution, parallels got drawn to one particular scenes involving gas masks and what happened in Aurora, Colorado. Perhaps the film would have been better served had the scene been removed. Sadly, it wasn’t.

However, the real problem with both movies might have nothing to do with their unfortunate ties to horrendous national incidents. The fact was that movie goer reviews in both instances were less than satisfactory. So maybe the actors themselves, along with the writers and the directors, need to shoulder some of the blame.

The Watch out performed Step Up Revolution, but not by much. The former made $13 million, while the latter drew in $11.8. The other films rounding out the top five were Ice Age: Continental Drift in second place, with $13.3 million, and Ted at number five with $7.4 million.

Films featuring violence or paralleling events of a negative nature may have a tough time at the box office for a while. Right now, Aurora is still fresh in the minds of American citizens. So is Trayvon Martin. Exploiting those incidences, whether planned or not, could prove box office poison.

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