The Wishing Cake, by Ellen Meister

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Cake-designer Rhea can’t help but be pleased when an elderly man and woman order a cake for their anniversary. They obviously have the sort of love she can only dream of—the love she thought she had before the divorce. But she’s not bitter. Not like her boss. Really she’s not. And a love like theirs deserves a heart-shaped cake, whatever her evil boss might think of hearts.

A quick dusting of precious sweetness from the sweet old couple’s tin and the cake’s complete, till Rhea’s boss walks in. Then dreams turn to nightmares, in more ways than one, and Rhea’s out on the street looking for another job.

There are some pleasingly disconcerting details in this short story as Rhea learns more than she ever wanted about secrets of the male anatomy. But the secrets she needs to learn are her own desires, and it’s not her fault her guides prove so inept.

By turns sweet, amusing, dark, bitter, hopeful, sad and romantic, this little tale packs a lot into a small space, leaving the reader intrigued and pleased at the end. There’s more to life than wishes after all, and more to the future than the past. This story should please as long as you’re in the mood to have your emotions twisted first. I really enjoyed it.


Disclosure: I was lucky enough to get this ebook free and I found it a very enjoyable short read.

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