The Wooden Mallet Hazing: US Soldier Collapses After Hit With Mallet (Video)

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One soldier who received a ritual wooden mallet hazing in Battle Creek, Michigan is now getting attention of military personnel from the highest ranks, lawmakers and the news media after he collapsed and had a seizure after being hit with a large wooden mallet in the chest, during a ritual hazing after a promotion in April. This just weeks after hazing-related suicides occurred at Fort Bragg, leading to military leaders on Capital Hill to promise to stop the hazing. Apparently, in the military, when you get good news like a promotion, you need to celebrate the occasion with dangerous physical violence.

The soldier, Phillip Roach, was hit in the chest by the mallet by another soldier, a Sergeant First Class Carpenter, who has been reprimanded by the military. Ken Roach, the father of Phillip, says that that isn’t enough, and wants the First Sergeant reduced in rank. While the father may blame SFC Carpenter for this incident, it seems that it is the entire military and their system of allowing hazing rituals to blame for this.

Ken Roach said that his son was being made to perform tasks as a punishment for coming forward. Meanwhile, US Lawmakers are calling for serious action to be taken, but the military says that they have done all that they plan to. This is another example of the Army’s unofficial “policy” of not only allowing soldiers to be victimized by other soldiers, but punishing victims when they do come forward.

The video here shows Roach being hit in the chest square on with a wooden mallet, which medical experts say can cause a condition called commotio cortis, which is fatal in more than half of all cases. In this case, Roach survived, but collapsed as a result of the blow, and then after the video had been shut off, went into a seizure. Paramedics were called to the scene after that. It isn’t entirely out of the realm of speculation to conclude that there have been other seizures of deaths from incidents similar to this.

Phillip Roach suffered from bruising on his chest from the wooden mallet hazing and needed staples in his head because of the fall he took. Colonel Patrick J. Hynes told Roach’s father that he would ensure that no one was singled out as a result of this incident. However, there seems to be a marked difference between what the Army administration promises and what actually happens behind the walls of the barracks in cases like this.

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