The World’s Most Beautiful Image: Go to this Happy Place in Your Mind, Now

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This picture, to me, is one of the most enchanting places my eyes have explored.  It is a dreamy place that most of us long for, but our modern, daily routine doesn’t allow for.  It is a place where your most sacred thoughts, fantasies, and hopes for a better tomorrow can begin.  In short, it is the most Beautiful Place in the World.


As a Professional Writer, I often go into places mere mortals don’t dream of, in pursuit of the perfect story.  It requires you to numb your senses to the things around you, as you mine for tidbits of information that form a good read.

I imagine myself like the fictional character in, Jimmy Olsen, the fictional news reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, in the vintage Superman shows.  He represents grass roots news, and doing what one has to in order to get the story.

However, it may not be a glamorous story all the time, as news, just like relationships, change at autobahn blinding speeds.  It may be a tragic death, a horrible revelation of a pandemic, a failed technology many with dreaded disease were hoping for, or it could be more sad news that another soldier won’t be coming home for Christmas.

When I discovered this photo, I put down my cup of Green Tea with spearmint, and a smidgen of raw honey, and actually felt myself breathing for the first time in months.  It was as if I’d found my long lost friend on Facebook.  Instantly, I knew the heavens had sent me an enduring image of timeless beauty.

Now, I share it with you.  Go there.  Go there to your happy place.



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