‘The X Factor USA’ 2012 Contestant Tara Simon: I’m Not Mean!

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When it comes to The X Factor USA 2012, few contestants have made an impression as large–or as negative–as that of overbearing vocal coach Tara Simon, who most recently steamrolled sweet-as-pie hopeful Jennel Garcia during the October 5 boot camp battle show. But is Tara really a meanie, or are show producers deliberately creating drama by twisting the footage to make her look like a bad girl?

Although the Atlanta gal no doubt has confidence in spades, she cautions viewers against believing everything they see on the show. When asked via Twitter about her apparent bad behavior, Tara replied “I’m not like that at all. It just appears that way on the show.” She reiterated her point on her Facebook page, asserting that clips had been edited together to create an unflattering portrait.

So is Tara truly a nice girl? She could very well be. In fact, she probably is. But it’s also true that her extraordinary confidence and apparent lack of humility can and will rub many viewers the wrong way. The solution? Find a way to soften the edges, or she could be in very big trouble with voters if she makes the live shows. There’s nothing quite like a little genuine humility to make oneself likable.

The X Factor USA 2012 continues October 10 with the big top 24 reveal.

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